I want to highlight the Stamp App on today as it recently has helped many readers and users who at one time had no way to move their ready built playlist to new streaming music services. Like all great apps, the Stamp App solved that real-world problem of moving playlists between different music platforms an issue that many music lovers have when they switch music streaming services.

First of all, I need to say like most reading the site I love music. I was for the longest time a diehard Spotify guy but now that I have YouTube Red I am loving Google Music more and more with its more convenient interface but that’s another post for another day.

Around summer time I was experimenting with different music services and for me having my playlists is key. This even became more relevant to me as readers of the site were emailing me because Groove was shutting down and readers wanted a way to move there playlist from Groove to Google, Pandora and other services besides Spotify which Microsoft offered to help users move to from them shutting down Groove.

The Stamp app easily allows you to download their app which is available on almost all platforms and for $9.99 “You pay only ONCE and get lifetime updates and support.” And you can move playlists from any music service anytime you want.

stamp app


The app is so simple you log in to service you want to move from and then you Login to the service you want to move to then pick the playlists you want to copy to the new service and hit go. The app is such a great tool and lives up to the slogan on the website “FREE YOUR MUSIC”.

I would like to point out that you are not copying any music as all music is protected all they are doing to rebuilding the playlist on the destination service using the metadata from your playlist info of the source music service.

Great app worth the price of not having to rebuild a playlist.