There are various methods of advertising your business. You can choose to use traditional methods or you can also choose to go the digital way by searching on the internet for online marketing for small business. Different methods yield different results. The following are some of the methods that can be used for marketing:

1. Listing on Google My Business:

It will cost you nothing to list your business on Google My Business or GMB. This will give your brand plenty of visibility and it can be very effective at no cost.

2. Have a business newsletter:

Have a newsletter that gives plenty of information about your company. You should also include updates on new products and full details about your location and contacts. This newsletter can be posted on the internet to make it more visible.

3.  Approach the media:

Media is another way of marketing, though it is a more traditional way. You could contact a journalist of a local daily for the purpose of getting a short feature done about your business in the local dailies. This will give your business good exposure.

4. Get involved in online networking events:

It is important to use platforms like LinkedIn which is geared for professionals. This is a good avenue for advertising and giving information about your products. You should also be keen to participate actively in several other networking platforms.

5. Have a blog:

Create a blog about your brand. You can have conversations online with your customers about the products on your blog. You should continuously update it with new information about your business and your products. This is also an effective and cost friendly way of marketing.

6. Use social media:

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are great places to post details about your business. It is a cost friendly way to reach a huge audience in a short time. According to statista, as at 2018, active monthly Facebook users were at 2.2 billion. Therefore you will have the opportunity to reach huge numbers on social media.

7. Use pay per click adverts:

This is this method of online advertising where you pay per click, and if this is suitable for your business, then you can have it as another option for marketing. This option is cost friendly because you only pay when your advertisement is clicked on.

8. Reward current loyal customers:

It is a good idea to reward your loyal customers with some items like gifts or sale offers. This will make them feel appreciated and they will be confident to give a positive opinion about your business and products. Word of mouth marketing from previous clients is one of the most effective ways of marketing.

9. Treat you staff well:

Give your staff some gift vouchers every now and then. This will go a long way in boosting their confidence in your business, and they will be happy to tell potential customers a lot of favourable things about your operations and products. This will result in some new customers buying from you.