Every small, big or medium scale company dreams of digital domination!  Thanks to the online boom, today having a quality online presence is imperative for every brand, irrespective of their industry vertical. It holds especially true for the lifestyle, e-commerce, entertainment, and service-driven industries. Today, the cyber literacy rate has increased phenomenally. And this is producing more cyber-savvy customers and online viewers. Hence, a customer will research more than before, to decide whether he/she would follow a brand and make a perchance. Therefore, it is essential to invest time and money in tried, tested, proved and smart SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tactics that will help you appear in the top search engine results.

The field and scope of SEO are immense. Also, the most popular search engine, i.e., Google has its frequent and unwarranted updates. A successful brand is one who can align its SEO strategy and marketing strategy, with the Google algorithm changes. And, this task might seem exciting, but it’s no child’s play. You need to deploy advanced SEO tactics and also reach out to an SEO agency to help you get started. You can search for an agency in your region. For instance, if your business is in New York, makes sense that you reach out to a New York-based SEO agency or expert for professional guidance and help.

SEO tactics to help your brand rank high

Start-up or an established business every business today wants to experience high SEO ranks. Discussed below are few of the useful SEO tactics to help you get started.

  1. Take care of Domain Authority (DA)

DomainAuthority indicates the link quality and volume that gets generated over aspan of time. If your website has increased DA, there are chances of havingmore links. There are many tools available to measure your DA. You can use SEMrush.The DA and the Domain Score (DS) are two processes through which organizationsregulate the authority expanse that a domain has. However, the scores won’t bein real-time. Also, any SEO modifications and enhancements might take weeks andmonths to show tangible results.

2. Quality content is imperative

Search engineranks dependon high-quality content. Your website content should be error-free,original, informative, free from plagiarism and engaging. You no more can havecontent that looks written in a hurry with mindless use of keywords. That wouldeat away all your search engine rank. Your site might get penalized for this. Today,the online competition is acute. It is essential to add value to your content.You need to ensure that you are addressing your customer’s query through theonline content that you are curating. And to be able to do this you have to doadequate market research and know what your potential clients are searching for. It will help you to link your contentbetter with the customer demand and requirement.

3. Evaluate pagespeed and make necessary changes

Your web page speed will play a crucial role in whether you are dominating the search results or not. You need to resort to the Google Page Speed Insights to know about the status of your website and webpage speed. And if the reports suggest any necessary changes, you need to go ahead and do that. When your website speed increases, it automatically improves your website’s chances to become more visible on online search results. There are many other tools too that you can make use of, such as Varvy and Pingdom. Sometimes, high-resolution images and videos slow down the website loading speed. Most often than not website owners are not aware of that, until they notice a rank drop. Hence, when you are dealing with website speed analysis make sure that you address these aspects:

  • Minimize the time a server takes to respond torequests
  • Allow compressions such as GZip
  • Go ahead and minify your CSS, HTML, and JavaScript asand when you can
  • Reduce all the render-blocking JavaScript and CSSright atop a website
  • Make sure that you optimize all the website imagesusing a low-resolution image optimizer
  • Make the most of the browser caching to improve theelements that determine the page speed

4. Optimize your website for mobile users as well

Google todayhas made it mandatory for all website owners to make their sites mobilefriendly. It means your website needs to have a full and a “fit toscreen” view on the mobile as it has on a laptop or desktop. Majority ofyour existing and potential customers will search for your brand online usingtheir tablet or Smartphone devices. If they don’t experience navigation easeand improved website view, chances are you will experience an increased bouncerate. Optimize your website for mobile to avoid low rank and increased bouncerates.

5. Opt-in for a CDN for the domain and DNS to cater to your content fast

Every website today should be using a CDN (Content Delivery Network) akin to the CloudFront used by Amazon. It helps sites to cater the content to the online viewers faster irrespective of their location. The CDN is effective in disseminating your content across various servers around the globe. A CDN can manage to do this simply by mirroring the content. After that, it serves the content to a server located near to the online visitor.

SEO experts often suggest website owners shift their DNS to configurations like Cloudflare and others. It is beneficial with the DNS propagation times. There are times when DNS propagation can lag based on the registrar. Other factors that impact it is the server location and the place of the DNS request. When you join hands with an expert SEO service provider, you will be able to manage all these aspects with professional guidance and assistance.

There are many SEO tips and guidance that aimed at increasing your search engine ranks. If you want to up your online ranks and don’t know a place to start, making use of these five essential SEO guidelines can help you in a significant. You always have the scope to add on more SEO tactics as you keep growing and improvising your online business.