I know when a lot of people hear the word Skype the first thing they think about is software there friends or kids use for video chat. A lot of parents, grandparents and family use Skype to talk to family on the holidays and keep up on what’s going on with friends. Skype can be a much more powerful tool then just that purpose.

Skype can be used as a form of business communications to save money. Skype calls are unlimited and free this can help cut down on cell phone plans that have caped minutes it can also be very useful for talking over wifi at coffee shop or airport where cell phone reception is weak but wifi is available.
Skype is handy as well for meetings skype for business is only a few dollars a month and allows you to screen share and have online meetings much cheaper than webex or gotomeeting.

Skype has messaging available as well if you see someone is online and rather then call them you can send them a quick instant message and they will get it at their desk or phone. Skype has an iPhone app and Android app whether you’re at your desk or on run with your iPad or iPhone you could conduct a meeting or make phone calls using skype.

What if you wanted to receive calls threw Skype but your friend or client does not have Skype? Not a problem you can get a local phone number threw Skype then anyone that calls that number will get you through the app. Skype can port numbers over as well if you have a number you can’t live without.
Skype now has a built in social aspect where it integrates right into Facebook making it easier for you to find friends, coworkers and clients right at touch of a button.

Skype also does file sharing if you left the office and forgot to get that file have your secretary send you that file instantly threw Skype.

Overall Skype is a great tool for business at a great price and integrates great with Office and Office 365. I would recommend for any business in need of meeting software or video chat.