The underlying plot was a good idea in this series I really liked very much. The Phoenix is coming again. It has burnt a fiery path of destruction on its way to Earth. The Avengers and X-Men know where it’s heading or rather who it’s heading to, Hope Summers. Cyclops believes the Phoenix through Hope will bring back mutant kind from the brink of extinction, but the Avengers fear for the Earth. Cyclops along with the X-Men is adamant that Hope stays with them even if it means war against the Avengers.

I really like the way the Phoenix get tied up with 5 people instead of just the one to make it more interesting. I like how you have Iron Man vs Magneto, Gambit vs Captain America and Black Panther vs Storm very interesting match ups that I think any comic book fan would want to see. The great one liners by spider-man and his banter back and forth with Wolverine adds some humor.

Written by Brian Michael Bendis (Author), Ed Brubaker (Author), Matt Fraction (Author), Jason Aaron (Author), Jonathan Hickman (Author) I think they did a great collaborative job on this almost 600 page series.

There was only one small let down towards the middle of the story nothing bad just seemed like it was there to kill time the story slows a bit then picks backup again. Other than that I was wholly invested. I personally sided with the X-Men. They seemed to be guilty before anything even happened which seemed really odd considering what Cap and the other avengers had been through with the Hulk. All in all though so much fun, a must read!

I would give this a 5 out 5 stars very well written time line was excellent and placement of matchups and character twists were great.