I enjoyed Sinner’s Creed by Scott Stapp. I found the book well written and informative. I was a big Creed fan in my teens in the late 90’s the buzz around them was amazing. In the late 90’s and early 2000’s if you did not know who Creed was you were living under a rock.

The book dives deep into Scott Stapp’s past with a religious step father who was hard on him and a biological father that never wanted much to do with him after age of nine. Scott Stapp really digs into his strict religious upbringing and the pros and cons of that life style.

Stapp then digs into his teens and running away from home and starting the band Creed. He goes into detail of how everyone in the band met and got their start for the night seen in Florida to getting a contract with Wind up Records.

Stapp then digs into his career and touring with the band and how and why his drug and alcohol issues got started and progressed. He then goes into the lyrics of every one of Creed’s songs and what they mean to him. He talks about music video shoots, recording and music writing everything you would expect from a book written by a rock star.

Scott Stapp really lets us into his personal life talking about his first wife, his son then his second wife and their children. He goes deep into his religion and how he is raising his children comparing to how he was raised.

Scott Stapp writes about his issues with his band mates and some of the lineup changes over the years and the break up and reunion of Creed. He then gets into his solo career and what making music by himself means to him.

I think this is a great book for any Creed fan one thing I would like is books from the other members since every story has two sides. I would really like to see another chapter to the book since events have happened since the books publishing. I give the book 4 stars. I really liked the book being a Creed fan but I really could have had less bible and religious passages. I am Christian myself but I just felt there placement and usage really did not add to the story rather than take away from it at times.