Everyone can relate to the horror of a computer crashing at the most critical moment, such as when you’re about to save a very important file you’ve worked on all day or if your computer freezes when you’re just about to start an online job interview.

Then, the computer screen goes black (or blue).  

You may try to restart it as many times as you want, but if there’s something wrong with it, no amount of power cycles can help. It’s time to send it to the computer doctor. If this hasn’t happened to you yet, don’t wait until it does. Unless you’re a master in IT, don’t try to DIY a repair, or else, you may end up losing everything you have in that computer. Check out how to help you with your computer needs.     

Knowing when to send your computer for professional computer repair is key. Heres what you need to watch out for.

1. Super Slow Speed

There could be nothing more annoying than slow computers especially if you have the most expensive Internet package. This will result in an unproductive stressful day. If running updates and cleaners don’t help, you need a professional computer repair service; getting upgrades that are not compatible with your system will do more harm than good. You may also have a computer virus that you need to get rid of before getting your files and information compromised.It could also mean that your system needs more space to function better. You can either add memory if it’s still possible or get a new computer with a higher memory capacity or a more modern and faster processor.

2. High Temperature

This is common on laptops. You can quickly determine if a laptop gets hot fastor if it’s blowing hotter air than usual. If a computer overheats, that’s a lotof trouble for you and your files. If you feel the machine getting hot, shut itdown at once and call for help. It could just be covered with dust, or it could be something more serious and technical. Don’t try cleaning it yourself toavoid more damage. Let the professional help you make your laptop last longer.

3. Strange Noise

There are noises that a computer normally makes. You have to know thedifference of those sounds and the strange sounds that faulty hardwareproduces. It could be a rather loud whirring or buzzing than usual or somefaint knocking sounds. If you notice any of these, don’t try to find out ifthere’s a creature inside the computer making those sounds. You may be temptedto open up your CPU or laptop, breaking a wire in the process and making thesituation worse. You will also void the warranty of your computer, if it stillhas one, if you try to fix the unit yourself. 

Strange sounds can mean a lot of things from damaged fans, a loose screw, or a detached part. It’s better if a professional handles these things

pc repair

4. The Screen of Death

The Screen of Death is usually blue, but sometimes it’s black. Whatever the color is, if your screen does not show anything or just a blinking cursor or maybe some random computer language, it may be in trouble.  This usually happens after a computer freezes and restarts by itself. Then, when it reboots, it doesn’t go to the normal desktop but just a blank screen. It could be because of a hard drive crash or a virus.

This is when you need professional help the most. You may not be able to troubleshoot this kind of problem yourself. It’s also possible that your computer is being hacked. It’s best to shut it down and wait for the help to come.

5. Frequent Crashes

Computers are supposed to be the one to help us with our work. It’s supposed tomake our lives easy and not the other way around. If your computer is crashingand shuts down on its own, it could be very frustrating or even dangerous. Mostof the work you do are stored on a computer, and if it’s acting strange,s trange things may be happening in the background. A virus could wipe out all saveddata in an instant, and you can lose important work. A computerprofessional could save all your files before it’s too late.

6. Accessories Not Responding

A computer problem does not always point to its monitor or the computer itself.It could be the printer, the mouse, keyboard, or other accessories connected toit. If one doesn’t respond to your computer commands, there may be somethingwrong with that accessory.

If you’re not too familiar with troubleshooting hardware orthe cable connections between them, call the expert. Let the professionalsdiagnose and discover where the problem is coming from.

7. Old Computer

A computer may continue to work for you for years, but at some point, you needto have it checked even if it’s not showing any signs of trouble. Don’t waituntil it finally gives up before you send it for maintenance. Invisibleproblems may already be lurking within the system, and it’s just a matter oftime until it completely shuts down without warning. You will end up losingeverything you have in it. If updates are needed, ask the professionals to helpyou with it because not all updates work on all OS versions.

Don’t wait for the inevitable. Your computers will at some point need aprofessional repair service. If you notice that something’s off, spare yourselffurther stress and send it in for a checkup. If it’s 100% fine, then that’sgreat news, but if they find something wrong, then it’s good that you found outwithout sacrificing any of your important data.

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