Scott Brown’s claim that his infamous “whatever” and “bqhatevwr” tweets were the result of innocent, accidental pocket-tweeting.  Pocket tweeting is nearly impossible using Siri or the touch screen lets show you how.

The touchscreen requires finger touch that’s why people buy special gloves in the winter because if not they cannot touch the screen, so navigating to the Twitter compose screen, inputting a sentence that is contextually relevant, and hitting send, never mind three times in a row seems like a stretch.

Siri is another matter altogether since Siri requires voice command s you would have to say “Twitter App” and the “Compose” then after the tweet is assembled say “send”.  So saying Siri did it cannot be used as an excuse.

Since Scott Brown is a politician he is required to have a lock on his phone that automatically initiates after 1 minute of no use so how did the lock get off his phone while in his pocket.

Now that we have explained how the technology works you can now many your own conclusion.

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