The Technology Geek – Episode 9

How paste plain text Google doc?

How can I image my hard drives?

How can I fend off telemarketers and scammers?

Screen sharing software?

Do I use Skype or Facetime?

A wireless printer suggestion?

What is a good geek gift for under $100?

Keep getting blue screen death clicking buzzing noise what happening?

I have a singer sewing machine for embroidery do I need upgrade my xp computer?

Should I be writing an app or piece software make money?

What operating system does hardware like Roku, Dvr, Smart TVS use?

Quarter back girlfriends Twitter followers explode.

HBO Inks Exclusive, 10-Year Deal With Universal To Keep Content Out Of Netflix’s Hands

The Pirate Bay Is Down

Dead on Facebook: Pranksters kill accounts with fake death reports.

Netflix Inks Exclusive U.S. Online Rights To Warner Bros 2012-13 Drama Shows Including Revolution, The Following And The West Wing

Samsung unveils new smart TV and other gadgets at CES

Nvidia announces ‘Shield’ gaming system

Ubuntu Phone OS Demonstration by Mark Shuttleworth at CES 2013

Dropbox Releases Windows 8 Client

Safari turned 10 on tuesday

Liberal Media Owns Sirius Liberty Media (proud owners of Starz, QVC and a 48% chunk of DirecTV

Cheap iPhone

Confusion reigns over Microsoft’s Windows Messenger retirement plans

Sony Waterproof Walkman

Kingston ‘World’s First’ 1TB USB 3.0 Flash Drive

Nvidia’s Powerhouse Game Controller ‘Project Shield’

Intel’s Awesome Future Laptop

Podcast 9 Recorded Saturday January 12, 2013