The Technology Geek – Episode 7

Tablets with office

Roku or Google TV

Android Malware

Dictionary Attack vs Rainbow Table Attack

Using SSH and Key Size

WordPress Platform On Server OS

Bitcoin mining hardware

Scanning On Android

School security 

Facebook new privacy settings

Security hole found in Samsung devices

Julian Assange and WikiLeaks to release over a million new docs in 2013

Instagram’s privacy policy’s

Flickr offers three months of Pro service for free

IE bug let’s hackers track mouse moves

GhostShell claims breach of 1.6M accounts at NASA, the FBI, the Pentagon, and Interpol

Pokki Windows 8 Start menu

RIM’s stock and New Company Direction

Hulu for Sale and Company Direction

iOS 6.0.2 is draining our battery life 

Spotify and Vevo on Roku

Podcast 7 Recorded Sunday December 23, 2012


(show originally aired on our old lipanitech site)