Password Hashing

Google Keynote Jellybean, Tablet, Google TV, Cloud Drive, Offline Google Docs

Microsoft Patch Tuesday 3 Critical vulnerabilities Patched

Microsoft Windows 8 Release date October 26, 2012

Microsoft Tablet Features

Microsoft Office 2012 Release

iOS 6 Beta Jail Broken

Dell Offering Ubuntu Laptops Again

DropBox and UPS Spam Scams

Skype Patches a Security Bug that allows third party messaging

Nvidia Developer Forums Hacked 400,000 Hashed Passwords Compromised

Yahoo Voice Hacked 400,000 Clear Text Passwords Stolen

28 million Formspring Passwords Leaked

WikiLeaks excepts donations again

Internet Dooms Day

Yahoo appoints new CEO Marissa Ann Mayer

Marissa Ann Mayer Tweets her Pregnancy and gets nasty feedback

Cisco Hit With Backlash Over Home Router Cloud Service on models EA4500 and the EA2700

Podcast 4 Recorded July 7, 2012

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