The Technology Geek – Episode 20

Today in this podcast we discuss

More On Chromecast

Apple Eco System why people don’t want move Android

Apple TV buying videos rather than renting or streaming

Roku different design then Apple TV model

Apple hardware venter Droid and Kindle make money on using device

Getting away from physical media not letting you share movies unless you give password account

Apple Not Upgrading ipad mini till next year but maybe rentra display this year

Android Multi User Where iPad does not allow multu user accounts

Netflix received 14 Emmy nominations this year for their two original series, “House of Cards” and “Arrested Development.”

Companies selling vms get away from appliances

Wii Outselling Wii U, Only 160,000 Units Shipped Last Quarter

Early Surface Sales Pitiful

Asus CEO On Windows RT: “We’re Out.”

Obama Praises Amazon At One of Its Controversial Warehouses

Sad Day In FarmVille: Facebook’s New Game Developer Program Could Troub

Microsoft debuts Office Mobile app for Android smartphones

Microsoft relinquishes SkyDrive brand

At Starbucks, AT&T is out and Google is in for Wi-Fi

HP launches Android-based SlateBook ‘PC’

HBO on Chromecast to make ‘Game of Thrones’ more portable?


Former Mozilla CEO to head security-software maker AVG

Pinterest adds animated pinning shortcut to iOS app

Foursquare Selling Its Location Data Through Ad Targeting Firm Turn

Military judge finds Manning guilty of most charges

Amazon Aims for Kids With Five Additional Pilot Orders

Zynga reportedly lost three top execs this month

Netflix subscribers still watching just as much TV

Michael Dell plans to stay with company if his buyout bid fails

Adobe Buys Satellite For Tag Management Technology, Makes Deeper Move Into Marketing And Ad Tech

Cisco To Acquire Sourcefire For $2.7 Billion

Apple iPhones and iPads vulnerable to hacking via malicious Chargers

Google Starts Upgrading Its SSL Certificates To 2048-bit Keys

FreeBSD, Ubuntu Offer Same NVIDIA OpenGL Support As Windows

How Do I Disable Java in All Your Web Browsers at Once?

What free antivirus should I use on my Android phone?

Why is my battery life so bad on the Galaxy S3?

How can I root my Android Phone?

How can I partition my hard drive partition and keep windows and linux?

How can I duel boot my mac so I have mac and windows and linux?


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