The Technology Geek – Episode 17

Today in this podcast we discuss

May 11th US Armed Forces Day

June 21 – 22 Field Day

Iron Man 3

Star Trek Trailer

Microsoft System Center To Prepare Your Environment For Cloud

Chinese Hackers Steal Info from top secret U.S military data

Bitcoin mining malware found in E-Sports Entertainment (ESEA) software

World’s most secure messaging service offers £10,000 if you crack it

Netflix loses 2000 titles

Sirius XM Channel Lineup Change

Google pays $31,336 bounty to hacker for reporting critical vulnerabilities in Chrome

The Pirate Bay co-founder charged for hacking and stealing money

Amazon Kindle Fire to go 10-inch

Spyware used by governments poses as Firefox, and Mozilla is angry

Google Now For The iPhone

Google Fiber Sparks Yet Another Gigabit Internet Service

YouTube users now watch 6 billion hours of videos a month

Netflix continues its original programming onslaught with ‘Orange is the New Black’ on July 11th

Check Those Check-ins: Foursquare To Start Selling Your Data

Barnes & Noble adds Google Play store to its tablets

Google adds remote desktop Hangouts to Google+

Blockbuster rolls out iOS app

Apple counting up to 50 billion App Store downloads

Facebook puts account security in the hands of your friends

Fedora 19 To Stop Masking Passwords

Staples Starts Selling 3-D Printer

Lenovo To Drop Iomega Brand On Joint EMC Products

Google bans Facebook and other self updating Android apps

How can I get my business undeleted from Google?

Is there a PC cleaner that will get rid of my viruses?

Should I buy a slingbox?

My favorite soap is now on hulu how can I watch it on my TV?

Do I need a SIM card for a Verizon phone?

Why does my computer shut down while playing games?

How do I get my iTunes music into Android?

How can I offline spotify?