The Technology Geek – Episode 14

Today in this podcast we discuss

Cloud Office and Cloud Adobe vs Regular Download

Commercials in shows because of DVR, Slingbox, Hopper, TiVo

House of cards On Netflix

Personal Drone Ownership

Bill Gates ‘not satisfied’ with Microsoft’s innovations

Microsoft quietly raises price of Office for Mac by 17 percent

Apple could unveil iPhone Mini this summer

Microsoft moves Outlook.com out of preview

PlayStation 4 to stream games in real time over Net, says report

Google removes asteroid doodle before you can see it

Kevin Mitnick Helping Secure Presidential Elections In Ecuador

Yahoo launches new homepage with ‘endless’ news feed

Microsoft addresses confusion over Office 2013 licensing

Apple updates iTunes with new Composers view

Pocket Tweet Not Possible

Mega Accepts Bitcoin; Email, Chat, Voice, Video, Mobile Coming Soon

eBay rolls out new homepage to all users

iOS 6.1.2 fixes Exchange battery-drain bug

Mozilla puts native PDF viewer in Firefox 19

Apple plans Q3 launch for MacBook Air with Retina

Apple Lowering prices on macbook air

Ubuntu For Tablets Announced

Anonymous Twitter gets hacked.

White House targets WikiLeaks and LulzSec in cyber-espionage report

Patch released for critical Adobe vulnerabilities

Anonymous Hackers dumps 600k Emails from most popular Israeli web portal

Hacked! Microsoft, Pinterest, Tumblr and Twitter join Apple, Facebook, NBC.com as the latest victims of cyber attacks

Google Chromebook Pixel

Hotmail being replaced by outlook.com

Toxic Vapors Seeping Up From Underneath Google Buildings

Facebook adds free calling to iOS app

Hacker says security flaw let him access any Facebook profile

Where can I learn more on Windows Vulnerabilities?

Hacking Exposed Windows: Microsoft Windows Security Secrets and Solutions, Third Edition

How can I get faster streaming speeds out of my Roku I use wireless should I use wired?

How can I improve my Online marketing on Internet?

What’s the best note taking app for Android for college student?

How can I extend my WiFi connection on linksys?

What smartphone and phone carrier should I get and why?

How do I disable screen rotation on Android?

I need a phone system for my small business what do suggest?

How can I get certified for a career in IT?

Why won’t my router allow me to visit a certain site?

What software do you recommend for doing my taxes on computer?