While online video services and original series go hand and hand on the internet these days there are still differences in the way online services are handled by different services.

To start out with is release schedules are different depending on the service you are using to start with networks like HBO, CBS, FX and others with a channel release shows on a weekly schedule since they air the shows on the network then offer them on demand afterward online.

Service like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and Amazon Prime that offer online original content with no network have options for how they can release content. Netflix chooses to release all content at once so people can watch all episodes at their leisure or watch the entire series all at once. Netflix is the service that coined the term binge watching.

Amazon Prime tapes pilots of shows then release them for free to everyone to vote on. Then the series that win the voting get released exclusively on Amazon Prime and Amazon Prime Video. Amazon has a little advantage here while many people get the service because they have prime some 7 million people subscribe just for the video streaming service itself.

YouTube does a similar thing like Amazon Prime they release the entire series all at once but only the first episode is free on YouTube the rest of the series is available only if you subscribe to YouTube Premium (YouTube Red). YouTube has a little advantage over other services since YouTube Premium offers music, commercial-free YouTube viewing and better YouTube viewing experience on mobile. Users who subscribe to YouTube Premium get more than just series which is a large reason why they are getting lots of new YouTube Premium subscribers.

Hulu is kind of doing its own thing releasing originals but only releasing one episode a week stretching 13 episodes over course of about three months. Hulu does this so subscribers don’t subscribe for a month just to watch one show and then cancel their subscription. The truth is people do this anyway if they know a series is released the first week of May they wait till August subscribe to watch the entire series then cancel their subscription. So I think what Hulu is doing maybe is saving them losing some subscribers in the long run people will unsubscribe either way if they only like one show.

While I will say all these services have advantages and great series I subscribe to all of them being a cord cutter and I recommend finding the service that has the best series for you an subscribe to that service or if you like try a free month membership and see if you like any of the series offered.