The craze of online games is very high in this technologically advanced world, but one of the biggest problems which are faced at the time of playing online games is lag. Why do you think it happens? In this regard, we first need to understand latency. Latency gets calculated by ping times.  It means the time which is needed by the player for sending a signal to the game server and then for the game server in sending a reply back.

Time differs because of many factors.  The important factor is geographical location of both servers. The world of internet is actually network made up which is formed of millions of system and each one of them serves like a node, capable of receiving and passing data. More the distance between servers more will be the nodes which one needs to travel.  It means higher ping time will lead to higher latency.  This happens because of the way a game engine works.  In short, lag is the sum of ping time and the system speed. How to solve this problem? Well you need to reduce the ping times and ensure the system you are using is running fast. Here are some Tips when playing online games.

Go for a wired connection

A wired connection is something which gives the guarantee that it will act faster than a wireless one, even in the case when a player is using new Wireless-AC standard.  We all know Wi-Fi is leads to huge interference. To stay away from uncertainties plugging it in is something which always helps.

All programs to be closed which are connected to the internet

The Internet bandwidth acts as a finite resource.  In case you are trying to run multiple programs at one time which needs Internet access for sure, the performance will get affected. One will experience the same at the time of downloading multiple files at the same time – the speeds of the download will suffer. Keep unwanted programs closed which are connected to the Internet for preserving your bandwidth. First check as what are those programs which will be using bandwidth with Task Manager on Windows PCs and for Macs use Activity Monitor.

Reducing user numbers

At the time of using Wi-Fi while working in a cyber cafe, you always found the speed slow. The sole reason behind this is that at one single time too many people are logged on using the same network of the cafe. So you need to make an effort to reduce the number of users. You can check the same using your network with accessing the setup page of your router on the browser. We will advise you to make use of best gaming router. If you find someone who is streaming HD video or downloading large files using the same network then for sure performance will suffer.  Take them off the network.

Take support of QoS settings

If the network you are using is getting shared by many, in such scenario, QoS settings can support you. It will support by prioritizing specific traffics over others. But it will be useful for you only when the network is fully loaded or else it will not work. For QoS setup visit the setting page of the router and check the QoS settings. Make it enabled and it will notify you about download and upload bandwidths. You can take help of to take a note of the download and upload speeds. Check out the options right below giving you the scope to change priorities of service types. We will advise checking forums of the preferred games in order to set it up properly for allowing QoS to work.

Keep the game updated

It is mandatory to keep the system’s drivers as well as firmware updated as it will help you in fixing bugs and rectifying serious issues. It is equally vital for you to keep the games patched and timely updated.

The above are some of the important tips which you can follow for playing your favorite online games in a complete hassle free manner.