In the world of artistry and invention, great attention is always paid to perfection. When you enter an arts shop or go for an exhibition, you would rarely pay any attention to imperfect artworks on showcase. But little do you know the painstaking effort that goes into creating these pieces to meet the right standard.

For professional or amateur artists, the tools they use are what makes their art. It could be a special pencil that gives their art that perfect shading or it could be the special ambiance created by the molding of an object using a digital tool such as a 3D pen. When it comes to digital tools, it is natural to expect more in the areas of precision and total outlook.

3D Pens the magical tool?

Even though it is called a pen, a 3D pen does not exactly mimic the commonplace pen or pencil. 3dinsider describes the functionality of 3D pens by listing its attributes which includes:

  • ABS or PLA plastic filaments
  • The metal tip (which conducts the heat and regulates the speed)

Since the 3D pen does not function like the regular pen with ink or pencil with lead, it delivers the filament in a semi-liquid form. It is this specific function that set it apart for perfection in its delivery. However, it cannot really be described as magical since it requires your individual effort and skill to work rightly. Not to mention using the best 3D pens available on the market.

Weighing the usefulness of 3D pens

­Realistically, 3D pens are not an everyday tool for just anybody. It proves more useful for artists or inventors. highlight some of these special uses:

  • Creating decorations on objects: If you are a DIY kind of person, you would fancy getting creative in decorating your home. You could hype some of the plain flower vases using your 3D pen to draw some interesting designs. In this sense, you don’t even have to be a professional artist to make use of a 3D pen.
  • Drawing your object from scratch: If you do not want to bother with having to mold your object first using cardboard or other materials, you can practice drawing freehand with your 3D pen from scratch. Of course, to get the best-finished product, you would have to utilize the best 3D pen you can find.

These functions highlighted above reveal a balanced perspective that 3D pens are actually useful for both the professional and the amateur artist.

Getting more creative with 3D pens

It gets pretty boring when you find yourself doing the same thing over and over again. So, it is natural for you to what to reach out to attain the unusual. You may have wondered several times how some kind of drawings or objects are created. Yes, you know the type that seems as if a perfectly still drawing is in motion or an object that looks too good to be real. Then, you wonder how you could replicate it. The answer is in getting for yourself the best 3D pens! displays some of the amazing creative fits created with the use of a 3D pen:

  • You could melt plastic! The heated metal pointed mouth of the 3D pen facilitates that function.
  • You could draw images that defy gravity! Yes, you read that right. Your drawing could look it is hanging in the air without the need to exist only on paper.

Adafruit, a blog dedicated to showcasing objects made from digital models gives even more exciting aspects to the usefulness of a 3D pen:

  • Do you know you can create a 3D project around an Arduino? Yes, getting on with how to make use of the best 3D pen is the clue you need to realize this feat.
  • You can even achieve your wildest dreams in interactive arts and designs with the proper wielding of your 3D pen.

3D pen a myth?

It can be quite lonely for you when it seems the rest of the world have moved on with a particular trend and you have yet to catch on. So, it is quite normal to come across the skeptics who think 3D is all a farce. But is that really the case? Let’s consider the basics of that assumption:

  • The finished products from 3D pens can sometimes look larger than life. But just because they look impossible doesn’t make it so.
  • It is not entirely about the 3D pen as the expertise of the user still comes into play. This should be obvious to anyone that the 3D pen will not work itself. Therefore, it is normal to see better quality works by an intermediate to advanced user of the pen when compared to the skills of a beginner. Thus, it would be correct to state that it is a myth that the 3D pen does all the perfect work.
  • Individual creativity also comes into play. Just because you cannot achieve the same depth of style in your art does not mean no one else would do better than you. Hence, it is common to find doubters on the usefulness of the 3D pen who have tried to utilize it before and failed.

Whether you believe the 3D pen is useful or a merely a myth is secondary if you have not actually tried to make use of it. Just as in purchasing other tools, it is not as simple as just picking up any brand. You would have to do your due diligence to ensure that you are getting the best 3D pen on the market. It would benefit you to check reviews and visit blogs by other artists to see how they are making use of their 3D pens. The smart handiness that comes with 3D pens make them a ready go-to tool; they are small in size and easy to control and you would not have to rob a bank to purchase most of the brands out there