One Second After by William R. Forstchen Book Review

I want to start off by saying I bought this book on paperback at BAM books because a person working there recommended it. I then turned on Coast To Coast AM the next night and heard William R. Forstchen talking to George Noory so I know I had to read this book.

I have to say there are parts that are hard to read. The part about not having medications for people in need was hard to read. People needing insulin not having it and having to decide who lives or dies based on who is considered import to the effort of keeping the group operating was difficult to read at times.

The parts about rationing food was hard to read deciding how many calories is enough for people to survive on without dying. These were hard decisions for the characters to make but important to survive.

There was parts of EMP survival that never crossed my mind like birth control and population boom because of it during a long term disaster like EMP. There was issues of cigarette rationing and hunting limitations I never thought of either. There were things to consider like do you feed your pets or not.

The book basically centers around a small town hit by an EMP and having to survive with what they have. The main character in the book a professor and former Army Ranger is the perfect main character for this book. He faces internal struggles as well as professional struggles to try keep the town and his family alive during this huge disaster.

I am going to give the book 4 stars because it was a great book but sometimes hard to read due to the content. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in EMPs, any pepper or survivalist it’s a great informative read.

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