Today we’re pleased to announce “Coming Soon” in Outlook for Windows and an opt-in toggle in Outlook on the web that puts you in control of when you try major updates. These new features allow you to explore updates, return to the classic experience at any time, and continue to provide us with feedback.

In June, we announced Office 365 user experience updates . We are now ready to start rolling out these changes in Outlook for Windows and Outlook on the web using the Coming Soon and opt-in toggle features. Building on the same guiding principles, our goal is to give you control, allowing you to try a new experience when it’s convenient, customize how you get things done, as well as surface options that are relevant and in context to how you work, all to help you get things done, faster.


Microsoft really pushing outlook hard but they cancel Outlook Premium domains. I wish they would release the numbers on how many people have Outlook Premium.