Must have iOS Apps for Every College Student

Downloading apps make the college life simpler and enjoyable. They help to meet your deadlines plus you stay connected to the people who matter the most. Many apps are free or affordable which can be great news for you as the student. You can also check if your college has its own app. If yes then download it and keep the record of homework, courses, exams and events. This will let you submit the work on time plus provide the access to college or school-related activities. Here is the list of must have iOS Apps for college students.

  1. Chegg

Chegg is the student hub which will transform the way you learn by connecting you to the tools needed for the successful college life. It is a free tool for renting the textbook and completing homework and can access live tutors, textbook, guides, flashcards and more. You can order the textbooks on the go by searching the number or scanning the barcode with your iPhone’s camera.

  1. Evernote

Evernote app can take your saving notes to the next level so utilize it for bookmarking the online sources on the internet. With Evernote, you no longer need pen and paper to take the notes. You can brainstorm ideas, make to-do lists and organize everything into the notebook format. The app helps to easily find the past content as it has the ability to search the handwritten content.

  1. iHomework 2

It is the top-rated app to keep you organized. You can keep the track of all your tasks, deadlines, assignment and plan them out over a certain period of time. This will let you plan which assignment should be completed up first and so on.  If you are finding hard and looking to complete the assignment, you can take the help of UK EduBirdy. You can also manage your grades so that you know where your academic standing is. This app will help you to stay ahead in the competition by analyzing your performance in depth.

  1. iTunes U

You can discover audio and video files of free lectures, lessons, books and other learning material. Your college or university can also upload the lectures into audio or video files and provide you to access it anytime.  It will also help to study the resources well as and when required and improve the grades in the exam. This way you can access it anywhere whether you are at the bus station or standing in the queue. It is the best way to utilize your time fully.

  1. Instapaper or Pocket

You can conveniently bookmark the websites to keep track and read many articles later on. You can also read the articles online or offline in the mobile-optimized view format. Your content should be easy to organize and sorted with this app and access from any device. The best thing is you can convert the text to speech and simply listen if you prefer.

  1. Mint

This app allows you to manage the finances, bills, bank accounts, credit cards and investments. It keeps the track of your credit score along with the expenses. The best thing is along with spending money, you learn the habit of saving the money.

  1. Feedly

Through Feedly, you can get access to podcasts, videos, blogs all in one single app. It basically compiles the news feed from the various online sources for the users to customize and share with others. You can stay updated with the latest news in your subjects and share to your favourite social media channel.

  1. Spotify

It is a music, podcast and video streaming app that uses streaming intelligence to connect brands with the right people at the right moment. You can choose from the thousands of albums, artists and playlists based on your current mood. Paid subscription enables you to listen offline as well.

  1. iResumes

Build a professional resume to stand out from the crowd through the iResumes app. A well-formatted, satisfying and trendy resume increases the chances of success for selection. You can create multiple resumes and organize it for different purposes.

  1. Urbanspoon

Most of the students don’t like the college food, but with the Urbanspoon, you have many food options to choose from. This app is dedicated to finding the best food and dining experiences over millions of restaurants.  It also saves the money and you will get the food of your choice.

Wrapping it up!

These are some of the iOS apps, download them and make yourself manageable nearly in any aspect of the college life.