Determining the right time to purchase a new phone used to be quite easy. It was the summer and spring, with many deals coming over black Friday. Since many new models used to be unveiled in January or February, this is the time when you could easily get discounts on phones. However, nowadays, each model of phone is on its own, with big players having their schedules and launching their phones through individual events.

For this reason, it is quite hard to know the time for expecting to see novel phones, and subsequently, the time when the phone prices will drop. To keep all things straight, you need to learn more through a guide that has all the current releases so that you read through all flagship phones. It is likely that you will purchase the older models because their prices drop dramatically when new models come to the market.

  • Patience is rewarding

Many technology firms operate on schedules that are quite predictable. There are those that produce a new model every September, and there are those which produce new models regardless of the time of the year. When you understand the timing of the year when you want to purchase a new phone without wasting a lot of money, then you can use production timing to your advantage.

What you need to do is to sell your current phone a few months just before a novel model hits the market. You can use a cheaper replacement as you wait for the upgrade then save money by purchasing secondhand new models weeks after the release. If you want an iPhone, you better start looking for a secondhand one in October. For Samsung, May is the best time for a secondhand. You may get surprised with the population of individuals that get rid of their phones weeks or months after buying them.

The carelessness of such individuals can be your good fortune. There are firms which give you the allowance to sell your old phones and buy reliable secondhand ones for a reasonable return. This will help you save money when upgrading, making you remain competitive minus the whims of massive tech firms. Do not jump the gun place an order for all new upgrades which come for your device. With some good timing and research, staying on the cutting edge can be cheaper than what a lot of people think.

  • Wait until when the excitement dies

Ever since clients’ queue outside phone stores when a new model comes out, it has been worth the task of getting details of the latest phone model immediately it comes to the market. However, in terms of the value for money, the argument of waiting for several months is still around. Phones, just like other electronic gadgets, depreciate in value quickly; even when you are talking on monthly price when bundled with the plan of the phone. When you take the most populous phone brand of the year, you will realize that prices will be constant plus the plan after hitting the stores but you will have to check the trend of what happens afterwards.

Just the way you would expect most phone brands in the market starts as the most expensive but gradually starts getting cheaper. The prices of phones keep getting cheaper after launch. This trend is cheap across populous phones; therefore, if you are hunting for the best bargain on phone prices, it is advisable to wait for six months before getting into the market. Even newer phone brands will start going down in prices after launch. If you are looking at saving bucks on a new phone brand, then you need to invest in research and timing.

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