If done right, vintage decor can work well in a modern home. By blending vintage and contemporary styles can make your home look more sophisticated and provide a charming atmosphere.

It is a good idea to always have one dominant style with only an accent of the other. A modern interior design can be delightfully enhanced by a touch of vintage here and there.

What to buy

Big furniture piece like couches and armchairs gets worn down a lot over time, therefore finding a vintage sofa for example which is still in good shape might be challenging to find. By sticking to a contemporary piece, you can solve this problem. Old side tables and coffee tables, on the other hand, looks decent most of the time, no matter the age. Also, dresser and vintage consoles can look very classy when used as a centrepiece in any room. Most vintage wood pieces are excellent quality, wood that looks worn down might add to the vintage look that you were wanting. However, a new varnish will help it fit in with the rest of the modern room without losing that vintage sophistication. For a further blend in of old wooden piece, the simple trick is to paint it the same color as the wall.

Smaller vintage items that will add to the charm are chandeliers, vintage mirrors, lamp shades, throw pillows, rocking chairs, old vases, warn down frames, old photos, eccentric art and so on, the possibilities are endless.

How to get it right

Fortunately and unfortunately (for the less creative), there are no rules when it comes to mixing vintage and modern furniture. It depends on what goes well together and what effect you want to gain. If you have a good feel for what works well together, then a scavage hunt in antique or second-hand store can become a fun trip that can lead to interesting little treasures. When you’re in doubt of what will work together, you might want to consult with a professional or try to mimic an interior that you fancied in a magazine or online.

If you have a great vintage piece that you want to have as the center of attention, then it is best to create a minimalistic look throughout the rest of the contemporary design. Try to mix the same kind of vintage and modern piece, for example, a formal antique dining table goes well with formal modern dining chairs, and a shabby chic dinner table goes better with casual modern chairs.

Ideas on how to blend

Keep in mind that color, texture and patterns will all play a role in your design. A vintage chair can be upholstered to fit in with all the other furniture by using similar patterns or colors for example. Another way to blend in an old couch or chair is to add some modern throw pillows. A vintage lamp will look great in a contemporary side table, or an industrial light will add some drama to a room. Even a splash back with a vintage texture can be used in the bedroom behind the bed or the living room behind your modern couch. Vintage carpets can come in attractive patterns that will look great in a contemporary area where the color in minimal. If you have an old dresser as the focal point somewhere, remember to add modern pieces to it, like modern art or vases. The idea here is to create contrast by blending modern and vintage together.

Vintages pieces are not that hard to find, and many times you can buy them at a low price. If you are getting your vintage decor from an older family member, you can save some money. Even more, behind your fabulous vintage pieces might be some interesting stories to tell your guests who will be awed by your antique-modern layout.


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