Like many companies, Google uses a variety of operating systems in-house. macOS and Windows are used by a large number of employees, a modified build of Debian Linux is used on its servers (as of 2014, at least), and Chrome OS and Android devices are commonplace. In work environments where Linux is needed, Google uses a customized version of Ubuntu 14.04 called ‘Goobuntu,’ which has never been released publicly.

At DebConf in August 2017 (the news didn’t catch media attention until now), Google announced that it would switch from Goobuntu to a Debian-based distribution called ‘gLinux.’ It’s based on the upcoming Debian 10 release, and the company has developed a tool for migrating systems from Goobuntu to gLinux.

Android Police

This is a big hit to Ubuntu I wonder if they were making any money on Google.

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