Microsoft Teams has announced three new features for Microsoft Teams. The new features that were announced are targeted at what Microsoft calls the firstline workers.

“Today, we are announcing three new features in Microsoft Teams to help Firstline Workers do their best work. Firstline Workers are more than two billion people worldwide who work in service- or task-oriented roles across industries such as retail, hospitality, travel, and manufacturing.”

Writes Emma Williams, Corporate Vice President of Modern Workplace Verticals in Microsofts latest blog post.

Better Mobile Experience

Microsoft’s first big update is to the Microsoft Teams mobile app adding several new features

  • Customization experience
  • Location Sharing
  • Smart Camera Features
  • The Ability To Record And Share Audio Messages

New API And Features To Workforce Management System

Microsoft Teams has now added a new feature called Shifts which allows schedule management in Microsoft Teams. Microsoft has created a new API for Microsoft Teams called “Graph API for Shifts” to make integration between Shifts and enterprise scheduling systems possible for things like shift scheduling, payroll, benefits, time, and attendance.

New Praise Tool

Microsoft has added a new motivational tool aimed at retail workers called “Praise”. The new feature will allow team members to engage and recognize employees for great work by share badges to celebrate success, appreciation and greater comradery.

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