I recently moved over my home phone over to MagicJack. This whole move started a little over a year ago. I had a verizon land line that I was hardly using and spending $65 dollars a month on and only using when my cell phone had no reception. I then had the bright idea to move over my phone service to my internet service providers. My ISPs phone service which was $40 dollars a month cheaper than the 65 dollars I was paying but still too expensive for just a phone.

I then started looking around and the MagicJack caught my eye basically because of the great price. I could buy a piece of hardware for $35 dollar and have unlimited calling with no long distance for an entire year compared to the 65 or 40 dollars I was spending a month. After the year was over I could spend $55 dollars to renew my MagicJack subscription for another year and it was still cheaper then what I was paying.


When I got the device home the setup was very basic on MagicJacks site just creating an account, picking a local phone number and activating the device. After the setup is done you can disconnect the device from the computer and hook it up to wall outlet as long as ethernet and phone wire are attached everything works.

Another great feature of the device is the app for iPhone and Android which allow you to make wifi calls from anywhere you have wireless or cell phone service. VoIP is the wave of the future and MagicJack has it all figured out and simplified for ease of use for their users.

When using MagicJack I found the sound quality very clear I had no interrupted service or anything so far everything just works. The only place where MagicJack kind gets you is if you need international calling there is additional fees for that service. MagicJack to be competitive with other services now offers MagicJack for business to compete with other VoIP services like Ringcentral.

Overall I have had a great experience with my MagicJack. My only concern with the MagicJack is how long will people still need VoIP in there home. iPhone and Android now offering wifi calling natively on their devices. MagicJack is great service which I have recommended to many to help save money but I worry about the company’s longevity in the industry.