Television forms the centerpiece of our home entertainment and has done for many decades. Although invented in the 1920’s, televisions did not become commercially viable until the 1950’s, and today it is hard to believe that color TV, which is the norm, did not appear until the 1960’s! They were expensive items, yet these days it is hard to find a home that does not have more than one. In the past decade, we have seen a couple of important developments, which have revolutionized our viewing habits.

We’re talking about ‘Over The Top’ – or OTT – television, which is basically TV streamed over the internet. You buy a smart TV, one that can access the net, and you can use it as you would a computer, and view content that is streamed rather than broadcast. However, the other revolution is even more impressive: allow us to introduce you to the wonders of the Kodi box or Android TV.

What is Kodi?

The Kodi concept draws on the same idea as the smart TV but at a fraction of the cost. Kodi has been developed by many sources – it’s an open-source system, using the Android operating system that you may have on your smartphone – and is very capable. It gives you the same capability as a smart TV – in fact, more – yet you pay only for a small, unobtrusive box of tricks that connects to your TV and your broadband connection. That’s all you need, and any current broadband connection should be enough to allow you to use a Kodi box efficiently.

Now for the clever bit: your Kodi box will come with many ‘add-ons’ already installed. These give you access to TV channels, film streaming, and perhaps the likes of YouTube and more. You can find more add-ons to download, such as the popular streaming service Netflix, and you can use them all, free of charge. That’s the best bit: once you have paid the small amount for your Kodi box, you don’t pay any more. It’s all free! Furthermore, you can also download thousands of apps – just as you do on your phone or tablet – and play games and much more, so a Kodi box really will become the center of your home entertainment, for all the family.

Buying Your Kodi Box

If all this sounds too good to be true, we can assure you it’s all true! When you buy a Kodi box – and there are various models to choose from with different memory capacity and the like – you are changing the way you watch TV, watch films and play games completely. It’s a totally new way of viewing content, and many experts see OTT as the way forward for broadcasting. Choose a box with the best memory so you can store all your favorite channels and apps, and you will have the best and most capable TV access you can possibly buy, just make sure you check out some kodi box reviews before you choose your model.

One piece of advice we offer is that you should choose a package with a hand-held mini wireless keyboard, or buy one alongside your Kodi box if it is not included. This makes life a lot easier for you, as you can use the keyboard to type in the names of the sites or channels you wish to visit, rather than having to use the TV remote, which is cumbersome. You can buy them for very little money, and they are well worth the investment.

Welcome to the 21st Century!

So, that’s pretty much what you need to know: a Kodi box is the way forward, and it will cost you the same as a couple of nights at the pub! Seriously, that’s all you will pay, and then nothing more. How can you not be interested in such a fantastic deal?

Of course, we know you are interested, and that’s why we wanted to tell you all about this complete revolution in TV and film history. With a Kodi box, there will never be a time when you can’t find something to watch – you can even download live sports add-ons so you can watch your favorite team as they play – so what are you waiting for? Have a look at the many Kodi boxes available now, and get yourself into the world of 21 st century viewing!

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