I started reading the Jessica Jones series in preparation for the Netflix series AKA Jessica Jones. The Pulse the complete collection covers Marvel comics The Pulse number 1-9 then 11-14 and The New Avengers Annual 1.

Jessica Jones is the breakout star of Brian Michael Bendis’ hit series Alias. She is an ex-super hero-turned-private investigator and is starting a new chapter in her life working for the Daily Bugle’s new super hero section, The Pulse!

Jessica’s first assignment is to uncover the identity of a former Bugle reporter’s super-powered murderer. We find out that Normal Osborn is involved and we get to see Spiderman hard at work trying to help Jessica with finding the killer. We find out in the first few pages of the series that Jessica is pregnant with Luke’s baby and that carries threw the entire series using the pregnancy as time line marker to show gaps in time this was a good idea by the author.

One thing I did notice is that with Jessica Jones a lot of her stories center around other characters in the Marvel Universe they seem to use her series as a way to tie in different groups like SHEILD and the Fantastic Four. They used Jessica Jones to tie in Wolverine into the Avengers along with Luke Cage and Daredevil.

Yes she is the main character but she has many big name Marvel character star powers in her series. This is just an observation Jessica Jones can handle her own being a former SHEILD agent. We only get to see her use her powers a few times in the entire series.

Nick Fury’s Secret War spills over into the streets and it hits Jessica and Luke Cage right where they live and destroys there home. Luke is injured and taken to a secret location where only Fury knows. Jessica is on the hunt for him for quite a while this is where the bulk of the series focus is spent.

While Jessica is looking for Luke we see her take matters into her own hands when she battles Hydra with the help of shield. Then we see her get some help from Wolverine and Spiderman where she fines Luke.

There are some low points in the book after she finds Luke he joins the Avengers and then things pick up again with the birth of Jessica and Luke’s baby and that entire ordeal thank goodness Dr. Strange is available to help Jessica with the delivery.

Luke asks Jessica to marry him and of course no wedding can go smooth in a super hero’s life the Black Widow shows up with some extra added super powers that make for some struggles for the Avengers to overcome. But in the end Luke and Jessica get married.

Overall this was a great series I greatly enjoyed. I know the Jessica Jones series was put on the shelf for a while and was brought back in this series The Pulse. This was a good series good story line unfortunately though the series was shelved again in 2006. I would give this 4 out 5 stars. The main reason being the story ends here cause series was shelved they could have done more with it cause of Jessica Jones great tie in with a lot of other super heroes.