We are excited to introduce SMS Connect to Skype Insiders!

Starting today, SMS Connect will be gradually rolled out to Skype Insiders on Android phones with 8.30 builds and higher.

With this new Insider build for Android you will be able to pair your Windows PC or Mac (both must be on the Skype Insiders build as well) to your phone to start receiving your SMS conversations to your desktop. No more grabbing your phone every time it buzzes with a new SMS, you’ll be able to respond directly from your desktop!

With SMS Connect on your PC or Mac you can…

  • Read & respond to 1:1 and group SMS conversations
  • Receive MMS content (photos & videos)
  • Start new conversations

Lets get you started:

  • In the Skype app on your Android phone, tap on your profile picture/Settings/Messaging/SMS and Enable SMS Connect
  • Follow the steps through the prompts to pair your desktop and off you go


I will definitely be using this feature.