Technology is continually evolving, and printers and printing mechanisms are no different. There are tons of different types of printers, but there are two types that remain constantly debated: inkjet printers and laser printers.

These two printer types are manufactured by nearly every printer company there is, from HP to Canon and everything beyond. They are dependable, easy to use, and affordable to manufacture and purchase.

But, between these two, which printing style is better? How do you decide between an inkjet and a laser printer?

Let’s break down pros and cons of both for mass production at your business.

The Inkjet Printer: Pros and Cons

The inkjet printer is one of the earliest printer types, spanning all the way back to the 1950s. Much like the name suggests, it recreates images by propelling ink droplets onto paper or other substances.

Inkjet printers truly found their form in the 1970s when major printer companies like Epson, HP, and Canon took up their printing style and began mass-producing them. Since their development, they have quickly become the most widely purchased type of printer for home usage, as well for big businesses.

Part of this success is because during the inkjet printer’s boom, ink cartridges were relatively easy to find. They might not seem cost effective, but ink cartridges last quite a long time.

Ink cartridges are as still as widely produced as these printers, and still quite easy to find. If you’re a big business in Australia, you can easily find ink cartridges Perth or Sydney has to offer in local warehouses. Ink manufacturers are still around the entire country.

No matter where you live cartridges are relatively simple to replace, and can be bought in mass quantities in-stores and online retailers.

Inkjet Pros:

  • Easy to find
  • Reliable
  • Affordable
  • Can last a long time with ink cartridge replacements
  • Continuously improved since the 1950s

Inkjet Cons:

  • Ink is more susceptible to water damage
  • Slower than laser printers
  • Needs somewhat frequent maintenance

Laser Printers

Laser printers were developed not long after inkjet printers, but these were considered far more revolutionary in their time. The laser printer does use a laser in the initial phase of printing, but also uses ink like the inkjet printers. The difference is that laser printers use a different cartridge type.

Unlike the inkjet, laser printers were originally invented for office use, and then eventually modified for home usage.

Because they were originally developed for business use, laser printers tend to work best when making bulk copies for printing jobs. Laser printer cartridges are marginally less common than inkjet printer ink, but most online retailers will sell both.

Though less commonplace than inkjet printers, they are found frequently in offices and often in homes. Over the years, they have become less “cutting edge” but remain a popular and efficient printing method.

Laser Printer Pros:

  • Very fast
  • Great for bulk copies and printing jobs
  • Good for offices
  • Cheaper as the years go on

Laser Printer Cons:

  • More expensive than inkjet
  • Need specific type of Ink cartridge
  • Sometimes quite large


Ultimately, both of these types of printers get the job done, and do it well. The type of printer best suited for you depends on the size of the printing project.

For a business or someone who works from home, a laser printer might be your best option. For typical, every day printing and home usage, and for families on a budget, an inkjet printer may be the way to go.

Both printers have improved exponentially over the years, and continue to do so. There are other printing methods out there, but inkjet and laser printing will never go out of style.