Blogger Outreach is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies for individuals and brands. The strategy involves reaching out to industry specific bloggers and asking them to publish content on your behalf.

For the last few years, most brands are successfully using blog outreach service for maximizing their digital potential.

A Blogger Outreach strategy has many benefits. Let us look at some of the major ones below-

  1. This strategy helps you get traffic redirected from the host website back to your own website.
  2. This helps you gain access to a niche audience whom you can convince and convert from visitors to consumers.
  3. It helps you gain valuable backlinks for your website and score well on SEO Metrics. This improves the health of the website.
  4. It is a White Hat Digital Marketing Strategy backed by Google. This can be manipulated into black hat or grey hat, but you need to stay away from those.
  5. Blogger Outreach helps you climb Google’s Search Engine Rankings Page (SERPs). In other words, you start ranking right at the top of the search.
  6. This helps you to increase visibility and discoverability for your brand. From an audience point of view, as well as Google’s search.
  7. Increase direct sales and revenues from a digital marketing strategy. This is something that no marketing can ever guarantee.

5 Best Practices for Blogger Outreach: The List

  1. Create Excellent Content-

If content on some other website will have to convince visitors to click, it needs to be good. Creating quality content is the foundation of any blogger outreach strategy. The content needs to be 100% original and plagiarism free.

To convince someone else to publish your content on his or her site, it needs to be informative and impactful. A publisher should see value in publishing that piece of content.

2. Blogger Outreach should be Industry Relevant-

There is no point for a food brand to publish content on a fashion publisher’s platform. This is a strict ‘NO’ for Google. For your content to be relevant, it needs to be on industry related platforms.

This helps in attracting the right kind of audiences back to the site. If Google finds out about blogger outreach where there is no relation, it might severely penalise your website.

3. One Commercial Link Per Post-

The key is not to stuff the article with too many links. If there are too many links, then the content becomes too pushy and irrelevant. This can also severely damage your SEO score and invite Google’s wrath.

As a best practice, you should never have more than one commercial link back to your site. You should also not have more than one link to a resource section (blog) of the site. This will make publishers accept your guest posts easily.

4. Blogger Outreach only on High Authority Sites-

There is no point going through all the trouble for a site that has low metrics or traffic. If you are putting in the hard work, always go for high authority sites. Linking to higher authority sites helps your SEO score and metrics.

It is not always the quantity that matters, but the quality of the publisher at hand. It is better for you to do blogger outreach with one high authority site, rather than two low authority ones.

5. Get help from a Blogger Outreach Agency-

If you feel the need to get experts on board, there are several good ones on the market. A blogger outreach agency has already established relations with many publishers/bloggers. They will be able to do the legwork for you.

Being in the industry for a very long time, they know the lay of the land, the top tips and tricks. If you are starting out with this digital marketing strategy, you might need some guidance.


Blogger Outreach is a highly effective strategy if done in the right fashion. If you are ticking of all the correct boxes, you will see definite returns. Establishing relationships with bloggers is the key. You should also look to avoid link-resellers who do not care about the best practices.