Email marketing is almost as old as the electronic-mail is. And what makes it different from most other online marketing strategies is that it continues to be as effective as it used to be when it first became popular. The heart of your email marketing campaign is the newsletter. A successful campaign revolves around well-written, interesting, elegant, informative, and useful newsletters. If you cannot create a great copy with attractive and relevant content, all other calibrations don’t make much sense.

So how do you write a great newsletter?

The first step is to choose a powerful, feature-rich, and proven email marketing and marketing automation system. GetResponse is among the most effective systems available there.

Whichever platform you use, you will have to follow these tips to create excellent newsletters.

1. Create High Quality Content

Content is at the heart of any marketing strategy. GetResponse allows you to create compelling content by choosing from more than 500 professionally-designed, responsive, and SEO-optimized templates.

Anyone with basic IT skills can create a stunning newsletter using simple drag-and-drop tools. And if you are an advanced user, the system offers an HTML code editor to develop custom designs and layouts.

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Content isn’t just about the textual copy. No matter, a compelling copy with the right information and call to action is critical to the success of an email newsletter, images are what help draw attention to that great content. Images can also go a long way in emphasizing the importance of your content. GetResponse offers more than a thousands iStock photos for free.

Choose images which are most relevant to your message and make a great impact!

Write in Journalism Style: Some of the most effective newsletters are written in news style. Focus on including the 5 W’s and H – Who, What, Where, When, Why & How within the opening statement. The rest of the information should be provided in the latter paragraphs.

2. Create Mobile-Ready Newsletters

Almost everyone who has an email account checks their emails on their smartphones. So if your newsletters are not mobile-ready, you are missing out big on your marketing efforts.

All GetResponse email templates are responsive. Besides, the platform offers mobile preview within the editor. So you can instantly view how your newsletters will render on a mobile device. the result is that you will be able to deliver emails in perfect layout and format on all devices.

3. Address them by Names

Almost everyone receives newsletters with basic salutations. It is no longer enough to make them feel more connected. A far more effective strategy is to create dynamic newsletter content that contains the name and personal details of respective recipients. GetResponse allows you to create dynamic content by picking up personal information from your subscriptions list.

A potential consumer who feels special is more likely to associate with a brand!

4. Conduct A/B Testing

Once you create the design and content, you can never be sure what combination works best.

  • Choose from different templates and images and test your newsletters
  • Make changes to the design and layout of the content
  • Change the  subject line
  • Change the ‘from’ field
  • Change and optimize the call to actions

Test any number of times to perfectly optimize the performance of your email campaigns.

An optimized newsletter is going to get more opens and clicks, and drive more sales.

5. Focus on Brevity

Successful email newsletters are created to deliver a concise message and call to action. Studies show that average subscribers spend no more than 51 seconds in reading a newsletter. So your goal should to be to keep your newsletters brief and to target for a click.

  • Create scan-able content
  • Use bullet points
  • Create content blocks
  • Add call to action buttons in the most efficient locations

The perfect newsletter will gratify your readers’ need for information while also leaving them eager for more. Your newsletter should lead your readers to your website, landing page, or blog for more information.

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When creating the content, the goal shouldn’t be to make a sale. It should be to build a relationship, educate them, uniform them, and give them the value proposition of clicking through.


GetResponse provides all the tools required to create elegant and optimized newsletters. From templates to images to A/B testing to development tools, it offers everything. And its marketing automation solutions further empower you to target and retarget your audience at the right time. While this platform allows you to create excellent newsletters, it is important to be consistent with your campaigns to achieve your goals.

Create responsive newsletters that allow you to reach out to everyone, no matter what devices they are using. GetResponse is among the most powerful platforms that simplifies email marketing and marketing automation.