With the new MacOS (formally OS X) coming out this coming Tuesday I decided it was time to upgrade the ram in my Macbook Pro. I currently have 4 gigs of ram and wanted to upgrade to 8 gigs of ram for faster speed more ram can never hurt.

If I have learned anything over the years, it’s never buy ram from Apple’s site unless you want to pay a lot more money. I went to Crucials site and ran their tool to find out what memory I needed for my Macbook Pro. Still wanting to save money I went on Amazon and found the ram at prime member price with free shipping. Now two days later thanks to Amazon Prime two day shipping it was time to change the ram.

First thing to do is to take the bottom off the MacBook Pro by removing the 10 screws and lifting off the lid. It should come over very easily.


Then press on the two clips on the side of the ram to pop out the 2 sticks.


Then snap in the two new sticks they should snap in easily they can only go in one way.


Now it’s time to turn on the MacBook Pro and enjoy a faster computer.


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