Not long ago, if you wanted to watch video online with your friends and family, your easiest option might have been to huddle around a laptop screen. If you wanted to watch on your TV, you had to search using your remote via a clunky on-screen keyboard—or if you were really enterprising, you’d figure out how to connect your computer to your TV. It wasn’t easy.

Then, five years ago today, we introduced Chromecast to make watching streaming videos on your TV easy as pie. Just by opening one of thousands of content app on your phone, casting and pressing play, you can enjoy watching your favorite TVs, movies and more. Today, you can use Chromecast to stream thousands of apps to your big screen, and we continue to make it easier to watch your favorite show.


I can’t believe this product came out 5 years ago I remember the first one looked like a USB stick now they are all circle looking.