Although an effective breakthrough, the responsive web designing earned its share of credit after the invention and growth in the manufacturing and use of mobile and mainly tablets in different sizes and resolution. With respect to the browsers accessed with the help of different resolution devices. Responsive designing was the only logical solution which can solve the problem of providing a user experience which would work on all devices. This is known as Responsive Web designing.

Why do you need Responsive Web designing?

The relation between resolution size and browser options is directly proportional. In the earlier times, there were not many of the browser options and there was a common resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. Of course, there were other options available but they were not so much into prominent use. But today, things are changing very fast. You can find a wide variety in the resolutions used today by the common public. For e.g. there are huge television sets known as Smart T.V’s and which are so created that they can access the Internet. You get smartphones in various screen sizes ranging from 2” to 5.5” and different brands of phablets and tablets whose screen has are a whopping 14” size. The desktop computers are another story altogether whose screen size resembles that of a small television set.

What is Responsive Web Designing?

It is a fact that the biggest technological invention of all times is mobility. This has brought a high tide in the manufacturing and sale of mobiles and tablets all over the world. These devices are also enabled with the power of connecting to the Internet which has made the companies with websites sit back and take notice.

Each new mobile or tablet that was introduced in the market had features and characteristic with respect to the size dimension of the device. The companies noted changes in the viewing behavior of the web surfers and hence they had a new mission in their hands. How to heighten the enjoyment of the user experience of each and every surfer, irrespective of the screen size the surfer uses to access their website? This was possible only when their websites adapt themselves to the size of the viewing screen.

Enters Responsive Web Designing…

Responsive Web Designing is the one, and up until now, the only solution for developing a website so that the composing elements of the website automatically adjust themselves to fit into the screen size it is being viewed on. Also, this is a much easier option rather than creating two different websites, one for desktop and one for smartphones and tablets. Companies that have not yet adapted their websites have a chance of facing huge losses as, today, the use of mobiles is applicable in all phases of life, be it personal or business. But it is not a reason to worry anymore as SITE123 can handle all the worries for you and provide the right solutions also.

Having said that one must know what is the role of a Responsive Web Design:

The summary of the role of a good Responsive Web Design is as follows:

  • Recognizing the resolution of the user’s device and accordingly adapting the layout of the web page.
  • To avoid overloading data transfer on a smartphone device or even a tablet, the images on the web page should be automatically resized.
  • When a user visits a website via his smartphone, his main aim is to browse through the contents for the information he is looking for. During such times he is not much interested in the other elements that otherwise dominate a website if viewed with the help of a desktop computer. Hence, a Responsive Web Design simplifies these elements for a better viewing experience and letting the user focus on what he is looking for.
  • The size of the buttons and links used in the website has to change to touch interfaces where a mouse pointer will be replacing a finger.
  • A mobile can access the Internet from anywhere provided it has the means to do so with the help of a Wi-Fi. But the computer is stuck in a single place and does not have the roaming ability of a mobile. Hence Responsive Web designing also has to take care about the geolocation of the device.
  • Have you seen anyone pick up a desktop monitor and shift it to view the contents on the screen horizontally? I guess not. But a mobile can be viewed in different orientation i.e. vertical as well as horizontal which again a Responsive Web Designing will have to take care of.

From the pointers you can obviously make out the relevance and importance of Responsive web designing and why it is important for companies with websites need to adapt themselves to this technology.