I recently started playing around with the app Flipboard. I know Flipboard has been around a while as I remember seeing the logo on the back of Ashton Kutcher’s laptop in Two and Half Men back in 2011. While there are tons of news aggregators on the web Flipboard is a little different than all the others.


When you look at the web interface of Flipboard it looks like any other news aggregator but when you use the app which is available for iOS, Android and Windows 10 you see the real power of the app allows you to actually “flip” through articles, images and videos being shared. Readers can also save stories into Flipboard magazines and use the The Daily Edition and the 10 For Today to get the top stories of the day.

The power of Flipboard is how deep you can customize and how personalized you can get with the categories and what specific data you want from specific categories for example.

Say you want Movie News, but you only want movie news on just Comic Book movies. Say you only want Celebrity News, but you only want Celebrity News on Celebrity Dating or say you want news on just a certain celebrity. Flipboard really lets you did down into the news so you only get the news you want everyday. Flipboard even takes it a step further by adding a feature to every articles which gives you the option of

Never show this again

Show more of this

Show less of this

Never show this again

This allows Flipboard to customize the categories even more for you and to keep you getting the right information.