Melbourne is the capital city of the country with a growing population of almost 5 million. According to recent surveys, the country has a 14% share of the Apple Mac market. It means nearly 2 in every five households own a Mac book computer.

With the growing number of Mac OS users, the need for mac book repairs in Melbourne is also increasing. So, getting a reliable technician to fix your laptop has become an industry in itself.

Apple’s Authorized Servicing Program in Melbourne

The tech manufacturing giant has created a specialized program to help Apple users get reliable servicing when their units break. For example, Melbourne has more than 25 service centres around the city. Getting a reliable tech to help repair your unit comes with specific considerations.

Some of the crucial things you need to check before getting the help of an Apple-certified technician to include:

  1. Ask the store where you bought the unit. Certified Apple distributors are given a partner technician who can fix units when they are damaged or broken. If your Mac book is still under warranty, you can take them to the store’s partner technician and have them fixed without any extra charge.

However, if your unit’s warranty is already expired, you need to get the services of a third-party servicer. They should be authorized by Apple to avoid issues and other technical problems.

  1. Get help from service providers. Apple provides certification to companies who are trained and pass the authorization process. The company recognizes two types of services:
  • Limited Service Providers. These are companies that are licensed to provide services to specific customers or Apple products. Their line of servicing falls under Apple’s LSP Agreement.
  • Authorized Service Providers. These are often third party companies that are approved by Apple, Inc. t provide repair services to customers.

AppleCare is one of the most comprehensive in the industry providing coverage for defects for materials and quality for Apple products, including Mac books. The term is also the longest with units having a one-year coverage from the date of purchase.

Looking for the right third-party MacBook repair servicing company

Macs have a unique makeup in the world of computers. They have their hardware and runs with exclusive software. And unlike the conventional Windows or Linux-based OS’s, you need to get an extensive Apple software and hardware training before doing repairs on the laptop.

Ensuring the shop of apple mac repairs Melbourne has the right certification guarantees an effective fix for your precious laptop. The average cost of a new MacBook in Melbourne runs anywhere from AUS 1,700 to AUS 3,300. And though this product has a limited warranty, getting problems after it has been voided is a problem.

The only resort for most MacBook owners is to get the help of a certified technician who can assess and do the repairs. Though there is no way of telling when a problem will occur, knowing who to look for when a problem materializes always counts to prevent work interruptions.

Also, getting a certified MacBook repair company to do the maintenance and repair of your computer is the only way to ensure quality work. Apple has already extended restorations for out-of-warranty products including MacBook with independent third-party servicers in Melbourne. So, knowing who to deal with and getting a trusted repair company in the city can help you get your MacBook up and running in no time.