I want to start out by saying this was my first Steve Martini book. The Enemy Inside is book thirteen in the Paul Madriani series published by Harper. The book follows Paul Madriani as he works a new case defending an innocent young man.

Most of the book follows Madriani and partner Harry Hines chasing all over the country and then Switzerland, pursuing money-hiding schemes by prominent politicians. There is very little action in the book besides one killing and the ending. Most of the book was so complicated, and so boring, that eventually all we cared about was getting to the lukewarm finale.

I found the book hard to follow the story was all over the place and chasing people that had to real meaning to the story. Parts of the book felt like filler to pad the pages. In the end everything does come together but the ending was like I said lukewarm fast and over with no build up or suspense.

I usually love courtroom drama’s but this book just did not hit the mark for me others in the series might. I give the book 3 stars because I think the book was readable but had a lot slow points that dragged on and did not like the abrupt ending.