The marketers found that social networks are reaching quite an extensive ad saturation point. There are around 88.2% of the US firms, which are using at least one mandatory platform for reaching out the target audiences and customers. There is only one social media platform, whose number of the active users has improved quickly and then standing at around 400 million. Around 33% of the IS companies might use it for the marketing purposes. Here, the main concern is associated with Instagram. The visual social media source will get highest actions right from the customers, which will be around 3 times more than that of the FB and Twitter.

But, now as it has opened up ads to all marketers, its adoption by the companies are stated to grow at a rapid rate. It has already touched 70% by 2017 and now it is also going to grow even further. That’s why WP is associated with the best growth as you have asked for over here.  Nanigans have already found that around 31% of advertisers using ad automation software were solely spending on IG. And this as just around couples of months after FB ended up opening the API ad of the IG. There are some steps available for you to gain that competitive advantage over here.

Help the ad resembles organic IG content:

Spending money on the IG platform will not provide you with the liberty to use blurry images or even some heavily features of the brand’s logo. The FB is here to hold around 20% of the text rule, which will hold true on IG. Most of the brands over here will be getting greedy and will force the marketing message for occupying more real estate that the cut mark of 20%. So, the ads will always end up getting rejected. You can get some other value added info from

  • The FB states this rule quite clearly by stating that images, which are zoomed in images or logos with text overlay is not at all allowed. They are not even going to allow images, which are edited clearly for adding text on product as loophole to policy.
  • You can further take help of the grid tool for checking in case the photos re actually complying with the ad policy of the FB. Without using the text overlay on photos, you can always share the accompanying text in caption.
  • On the other hand, it is mandatory for your ad to just look more like organic content on IG, where the imagery gets to be of high quality, authentic and even with some natural lightning.
  • In case, you are planning to showcase the personality of the brand, you do not hog limelight by just placing a complete logo in image. In its place, you can strike balance with brand element, which is well recognizable to audience like the color of a signature.
  • You can finally follow the image composition basics and some of the other aspects for just crafting some of the premium quality content. You can already comply with rules of symmetry and thirds, whenever you are taking image.
  • Make sure to keep some of the couple of focal points in image. Trying to make the images too busy or way too complex will just end up confusing the audience even more. Do not even try to think about messing around with the borders over here.
  • Going for some of the detailed and clean high resolution image are some of the base minimums designed for success on IG. There is no such place allotted for pixelated images.
  • In case the images are mainly related to target audience’s real life based situations, then you might be delivering higher CTR. Around 92% consumers will trust UGC content as created by users of platform and not associated with brands. So, you can always think of creative ways for adding UGC in ads.
  • Chances are high that your audiences might be bored if you try to keep the same level of creativity. You can always try telling stories with series of images around central theme. You can set some moods and even use various filters.

First Paid Instagram Marketing Campaign

Get to choose ad format or the purpose carefully:

If you have ever tried your hands on ads on FB, then IG will not be that different of a territory for you. The platform can help in offering 3 ad types along the same line of the FB.

  • You have photo ads. It will help in allowing businesses for telling brand’s story with the beautiful imagery. You can always add CTA for your ad and drive that people to website.
  • Carousel ads are another one for you to consider. Instead of one image, the user can always swipe through various images. Businesses can always use added layer of multiple images for promoting close related items with single ad copy and campaign.
  • Ads which will allow businesses to just leverage around 30 seconds of the motion and audio are known as video ads. But, such ads do not allow CTA buttons yet so they are mostly helpful in just increasing the brand awareness.

Videos might have seen tremendous adoption on IG and can also increase engagement.  In all kinds of ads, the IG ad caption will appear just below the picture and it comprises of over 300 characters of the text. It is always advisable to not just put website URL in caption text field and it is not going to be clickable. You can often use the ads for fulfilling clicks to website, download the mobile app and then to increase engagement. It can also be used for generating video views and also increasing reach of posts and even mass branding awareness.

On the other hand, you get the chance to scan through the FB advertising policies and also IG community guidelines for ensuring that you are not breaking any of the rules as such. Just be sure to go through the options right now.