The question I am asking today is does anyone use Skype anymore? This recent story is the reason I am asking this.

Recently my wife and her friend wanted to video chat about something. My wife’s friend has an iPhone and my wife has an Android. The first pick was Facetime by her friend but since this is iOS only that could not happen. Then my wife and her friend were going to do Google Hangouts but since her friend did not have a Gmail account this was not possible. My wife suggested Google Due since she uses to talk to all her friends with Androids and all you need to link up is the phone number to message. They both realize they had snap chat and since they are both contacts on each other phones it worked. After they were on the call they realized Facebook would have been an option as well.

The reason for the story is to prove my point when you want to talk to someone the process needs to be easy, quick and fast. For a quick video chat as long as the personal phone number is in your phone that’s all you need this is why Snapchat and Duo have done so well its quick easy and simple. Mostly everyone has a Facebook account this is the reason why Facebook has gotten so popular for messaging, calling and video chatting.

Google Hangouts does well because of Google’s large user base and popularity of Gmail Googles email service. One thing great about Google Hangouts is as long as you have a Gmail account you have a Hangouts account already created. Hangouts does have an advantage as well since its installed by default on every Android phone sold.

Skype is the dying video chat messenger for multiple reasons. Skype is not as popular so there are fewer people with the app already installed and with accounts created. This is a major issue as far as Microsoft is concerned since their consumer market for Skype is getting less and less in the USA. The other issue is the complexity of Skype. When using Skype both parties must download the app then create an account, text another person their screen name it’s just too many steps in the day an age where users needs get things and simpler options are available.

iMessage is the dominant leader in messaging in the USA as Apple has a huge userbase and offers the platform for both iOS and MacOS. I would say the clear number two would be Google with Hangouts just because a lot of people use Gmail and the popularity of Google Apps for Business make it a clear rival for Apple. Snapchat and Facebook Messenger are clearly high on the list when it comes to popularity with Apple and Google just because of their huge user base and popularity.

I think its funny that we have the messaging war from the early 2000s back on mobile.