The question I always get email is do I go DirectTV or Dish. Lets compare the 2 side by side using the respected $19.99 a month plan offered by both companies.

Satellite Company DIRECTV DISH
Plan Select plan

  • 130+ channels
  • Popular Channels Included
  • 1 year commitment
Smart Pack

  • 55+ channels
  • Sports Package Included
  • 2 year commitment
  • verizon
  • At&T
  • century link
  • internet and phone
Premium Channels HBO and Showtime free for first 3 months. HBO and Showtime free for first 3 months.
Cost of  receiver Receivers cost between $69 and $399. Monthly $6 fee for additional receivers. Certain receivers included free under certain plans. Hopper HD DVR is included free all but one of the plans $19.99 (this one), or available for a $99 upgrade from the basic plan. $10/month whole-home DVR fee.*
Cost of receiver service $10/month for first 2 years. $20/month thereafter $6/month. Additional $10/month for HD service. Basic DVR is available for Smart Pack with $7 monthly DVR Service fee.*
Installation Free installation. Free installation on up to 6 TVs.

When you look at what you are being offered DirectTV offers free install which is I am sure huge selling point. Even though Dish is offering less channels there throwing in sports package with DirectTV charges for with there packages.

The hopper on dish is not free on 19.99 month plan but again that’s there huge selling point. Overall when you look at it yes both plans offer different things which in the end works out price and value wise about equal.