I had to read this book as part of the open book final for my DDP Yoga certification and it was great. Some books have an immediate impact on your life. It changes your way of thinking, your goals, and your focus. This is one of those books.

I started implementing stuff from the book before finishing it. I also started back at the beginning and reread it straight through a second time. The book really blew me away. With so much useful information that even the DDP Yoga dvd’s don’t tell you. I think this book should be a must for anyone starting DDP Yoga or just doing yoga in general.

Here is the history of the progression of YRG to DDP Yoga.

2005 – Yoga For Regular Guys – Published in Paper Back

2006 – YRG Yoga for Regular Guys 3 DVD Set

2008 – Yoga For Regular Guys – Republished in Paperback

2009 – Rebranded as YRG Fitness System

2010 – YRG Fitness System Advance Set

2011 – Rebranded as DDP Yoga

2012 – DDP Yoga Extreme

2013 – Yoga For Regular Guys – Published in eBook format

The book has a hilarious forward by Rob Zombie. The book is an incredible resource for people wanting to make lifestyle changes. If you’re a couch potato you can start, if you’re active you can take it to the next level, if you’re an athlete it will only help improve your game and performance!

DDP states that he wrote the book to help regular guys and regular gals. Part of the way he does that is he encourages you to set goals using SMACK! He also encourages you to join Team DDP Yoga, there you will find a community of supportive, like minded people. You can read success stories, join groups and forums, and there is a continuous online life chat on the go. The book features 15 people showing the moves, many of the moves are in the book more than once in different routines and programs, often with different people showing them. These 15 people range from retired military, to musicians. All kinds of people have seen improvement in their health and life through following DDP’s programs. Musicians, retired wrestlers, pro wrestlers, pro ball players, and regular guys and gals like me and you!

This book gets a 5 out of 5 stars being an instructor of DDP Yoga I can tell you the system really works and everything in this book is truth.