The real estate game can introduce you to a lot of people. How do you capture and process their information? Are you making the most out of your database? If your current database is not easy to access and involves one big Excel spreadsheet, with all of your client’s details in neat columns, then it’s time to upgrade your systems.

Using a CRM will revolutionize the way your work with and manage your data on a day to day basis. When your customer database is active and fully functional, you will have more opportunities to launch effective marketing campaigns. Once the campaigns are complete, you can effortlessly follow-up on the results with greater efficiency. Than using manual techniques.

REthink CRM solutions will help your business reach new heights that you never thought possible, increasing your income and feeing your time. Here are the top benefits you can expect from implementing this technology in your business.

#1 Boost Your Income

If you have a poorly managed database, then you are leaving money on the table. It is important to understand the critical nature of your database; it is the backbone of your business. Your success as a real estate agent depends on your ability to leverage your client data and use it to your advantage to attract more prospects and close more deals.

If your database is disorganized and relies on manual inputs to capture and process leads, then you are possibly just collecting names and doing nothing with them. A CRM solution allows you to engage with your database actively and presents them with offers and information, using automated systems that are effortless to operate.

#2 Improve Communications

Communication is everything in business. In today’s modern society, everyone has internet and mobile technology. Time is money, and they want to know about the status of their deal or inquiry as soon as possible. Your response time matters, and if you are not getting to queries in time because of an outdated information system, then you could be losing prospects to your competition that can tend to your prospects needs timeously.

CRM systems allow you to keep in contact with your client and your team as well. Update client data in real-time and alert team members of the updates, keeping everyone on the same page of customer relations.

#3 Automate Sales Funnels

Trying to manually launch a marketing campaign to a growing list of thousands of clients and prospects is a challenge that takes up a lot of your time. With a CRM solution, you can build an email marketing campaign and then program your system to automatically pull your existing and new leads through the sales funnel, alerting you of their progress at each step.


CRM’s will collect the data at each stage of the funnel and give it to you in a report that you can use to analyze the results of your marketing campaign and show you where clients left or decided to take action on an offer.

#4 Automate Follow-Up

Flow up is an essential part of the sales cycle. Statistics show that most agents fail to follow up with their clients more than once after the initial meeting. Research also shows that customers only actually reach a buying decision after the fifth follow-up. You can take advantage of these statistics by creating an automated follow-up system that follows up on your client every week, or at specific intervals that you desire.

#5 The List is Everything

Your list is your business, without it, you have no income and no prospects for growth. You need to place the correct emphasis on the value of your business and client data, use a CRM to help you execute and manage your marketing and lead generation campaigns.

The Final Thought

Using a CRM is a must if you want to gain a competitive edge over your competition. If you do not know what your customers are doing, then they are probably doing it with someone else. A CRM solution allows you to keep in regular contact with your client list and ensure that you remain top of mind as their choice for the best real estate agent in their market. Improve your productivity, administration, and marketing with a customized CRM solution form Rethink.