We know that there are millions of apps out there to choose from, but what you may not realise is that a lot of them offer ways for you to earn cash money. We are going to take a look at 8 of the best money making apps available for iOS and Android devices in 2017.


Pact is an amazing application that allows you to get paid for getting healthy. When you sign up you choose to pay an amount of between $5 and $10 which will be deducted from your card/Paypal account for each day you don’t meet your ‘pact’. If you do meet your target (gym visits, running, healthy eating, etc), then you get paid rewards ranging from 35c to $5 per week.


This is an app which lets you make money from your photos. It’s not just for professional photos, although naturally better quality pictures will have a better chance of being sold. It’s possible to have 100s of pictures rejected, but one great shot could make some good money, and the app is downloadable for free.


One way to make a whole heap of money is by playing the lottery. When you download the Lottoland app you can buy Powerball tickets online no matter where in the world you live, as well as for other international lotteries like MegaMillions, EuroMillions, Spanish El Gordo and many more.


Tapporo allows you to make money by watching videos, downloading games and apps, getting other people signed up or completing other offers. You collect OROs for completing tasks, with 1000 of these equal to one dollar. This won’t turn you into a millionaire any time soon but it is a legit money making app.

Google Opinion Rewards

Just by answering survey questions you will be able to earn money in the form of Google Play credit. With this Google Survey option you can potentially earn quite a few dollars worth of credit by answering questions, which sounds like a pretty good deal. It is reliable and legit, so no concerns there.

Gig Walk

This is a fun little app that will get you out and about and making cash. Find ‘gigs’ near you to earn from a few dollars to hundreds, depending on what’s involved. The map shows you the nearest opportunity, and you just have to turn up and carry out the job.


This is another well-regarded offers app, where you earn pirate coins for completing offers like downloading other apps or watching videos. It will take a lot of patience to reward you with more than a few bucks a week, but CashPirate is one of the best of these types of apps.


PanelPlace hooks you up with only survey panels where you can earn money for your opinions. When you have signed up you will receive surveys to complete for cash, which is a pretty great little side-hustle.