There has been a big buzz around cloud computing for a few years now, although the technology has been around for a while it is not until recently where it has advanced into a much useful tool.

You may not even know that you are using a cloud computing service, if you use Google Mail for example, then you are in fact using a cloud service as your emails are handled by an external source.

In certain circumstances, cloud computing can be the best thing for your businesses as it has the capacity to allow your business to grow.

In addition to this, cloud computing may not be the right type of service for your company, this article shall point out the benefits of each of the main cloud computing services so that you can assess whether they are right for you – although you can contact IT specialists such as these that can outline the cloud computing services to you.

The use of managed servers

There are many circumstances where having a managed server will benefit your business, if your business agrees with the following points then investing in such a service can be beneficial to growing your company.

It is not uncommon now for you to have offices in several different locations, and this is where managed services can help your offices to all work as if it was one big hub.

This is also extremely helpful if you’re going to be constantly on the go as you can therefore access all of your applications and files when you are outside of your office.

These external servers can be hosted outside of the office too in IT centres which means that you can save on space and have undisrupted maintenance.

However, if you have a big office with lots of room, then you may not need to have your servers managed externally.

Who is hosting your domain or web hosting?

Domain and web hosting is another cloud computing service which benefits growing businesses.

IT services can register and host your websites domain and regularly manage it for you as well as the hosting such as the disk space.

As a part of this, you can also get externally managed email services such as POP3 email, email forwarding and email relays.

Tied in with this, you can also get custom content management systems for your website which allows you to add blog posts, website pages, images and videos to your website seamlessly.

All you need to know about hosted exchange servers

Hosted exchange servers are great for a growing business where the employee body is expanding.

It allows you to have the business class email and messaging functionality without any administrative burden.

This allows you to manage your email, any inter-body messaging systems, calendars and task management, sharing of folders and documents as well as contacts.

If you have a business where the employee integration is vital, this is a great cloud service for you.

Telephony Cloud Solutions

If you regularly interact with your clients or customers through the phone, then investing in a telephony cloud solution will be a big benefit to your business.

Features include; call recording and logging, internal or external call transferring, voice recognition, video conferencing and much more.

This type of cloud computing allows you to be more efficient when using telephones to contact clients and conduct meetings – so if you find that your company relies a lot on your telephones, this is a must have cloud solution.

Altogether, cloud computing is proving to be a very helpful tool for small businesses to aid growth and make the business more efficient.
Managed servers are helpful to those companies that have offices in several locations or who are on the move as they allow you to access all of your apps and documents where ever you are, hosted exchanged servers are also helping those businesses which have multiple offices to stay connected through chat and calender synchronisation services, as well as aiding businesses in one office who have an increasing employee body stay connected across multiple departments.
Domain and web hosting is essential for all small business types, allowing you to manage your website’s domain and have a related email system.
Telephony systems are also beneficial to most small business types as the call forwarding, recording and management services are all key in organising client and customer enquires.