Google today launched Chrome 73 for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. The release includes support for hardware media keys, PWAs and dark mode on Mac, and the usual slew of developer features. You can update to the latest version now using Chrome’s built-in updater or download it directly from

With over 1 billion users, Chrome is both a browser and a major platform that web developers must consider. In fact, with Chrome’s regular additions and changes, developers often must stay on top of everything available — as well as what has been deprecated or removed — most notably, Chrome 73 removes drive-by downloads in sandboxed iframes.

If you have a keyboard or headset with media playback keys (play/pause, previous track, next track, and so on), Chrome now supports those. If you press the pause key, for example, the active media element playing in Chrome will be paused and receive a “paused” media event. If the play key is pressed, the previously paused media element will be resumed and receive a “play” media event. Best of all, this all works whether Chrome is in the foreground or the background. In Chrome OS, you can pause and resume audio across Chrome, Chrome Apps, and Android Apps.

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