Standardized devices only go so far in the commercial and industrial sectors, and more and more businesses are becoming jaded by the limitations enforced by consumer-driven products. But what can be done to transform your business technology solutions?

Rugged technologies offer a tougher alternative to standardized devices, and can be particularly useful in field-based organizations in the military, oil, gas and utility industries. Thanks to the enhanced features and functionality of rugged devices, businesses can quickly increase productivity and lower inventory costs that can often leave companies struggling to break even. But how what other benefits can businesses look forward to in their transition from consumer-driven to rugged tech?

Take on any environment

Standardized equipment is only designed for individual use and can quickly falter if used in the harsh conditions found in commercial and industrial sectors. Rugged devices have been specially adapted and developed to survive in the most extreme scenarios and both their internal and external components are particularly durable.

Thanks to their toughened design and specially engineered components, rugged devices are resistant to excess heat, plummeting temperatures, increased vibration, dusty conditions and static electricity, meaning field workers can rely on a high performance system in the most violate environments. Rugged devices are also drop resistant with their durable casing providing sealed conditions for the components within.

Deliver data, security and functionality in the toughest mobile environments and keep customers satisfied wherever you are with ruggedized technology.

Enhance accuracy and boost workflow

For many field workers, the use of standardized gadgets can cause a major inconvenience as many employees have to return to their vehicles to update notes and recall information from memory, which may influence the accuracy of the information gathered. Whilst rugged portable workstations do not allow workers to make notes in the field, handheld and mobile devices are becoming an increasingly popular addition to teams in field environments, and are a quick and efficient way of updating information on the go.

Take advantage of user-friendly operating systems

The main reason why company owners tend to opt for standardized devices to drive their business operations is their usability, which is identical to the products we know and love at home. Rugged devices are often wrongly conceived as difficult to use due to their unrivalled features and high performance, however, more and more rugged devices use familiar and functional systems like Windows 7 and 8 to make their operation user-friendly.

Make specialist tasks simple

Rugged devices are specially designed to take on the most complex tasks and streamline business operations for the better. Ruggedized tablets, workstations, laptops and handheld devices are becoming increasingly advanced and offer a range of excellent features for business owners across all industries. High speed access to local area networks, integrated barcode scanners, digital cameras, radio frequency identification capabilities and magnetic strip readers all ensure every employee has access to the right tools to carry out their role successfully.

Author Bio

This post was written by Brittany Thorley, she works for Steatite Rugged Systems, a leading supplier of rugged devices. Brittany regularly shares her expertise across the web and is an active member of the tech community.