This year marks the beginning of a fierce battle of smartphones. All the phone makers are set to compete valiantly and determined to win the war. Where iPhone claims to have introduced features and tech no device has ever seen or introduced, others too are coming up with strategies to eclipse the launching of the phone genie.

Let’s have a look at what each company has prepared and shielded their sets with for the war.


Spring announced the launching of Samsung’s Galaxy S8. It has yet to be seen though whether it will trump the soon to be uncovered iPhone 8 or not. One is bound to be amazed and impressed by Galaxy S8 even if you are an iPhone user. All that Samsung has bragged about is packed into a dazzling curved-glass shell with an edge-to-edge infinity Display.

The Galaxy S8 is said to present an all-new design that is abandoning the physical home button. The screen stretches across 5.8 inches area. Work on the virtual assistant, Bixby, is underway.


The Samsung Galaxy S8 is established as the Infinity Display. It bears little resemblance to the previous year’s Galaxy S7. In an effort to reduce the bezel size from both above and below the display, the home button has been pushed aside. Along with other contextual keys, it now resides virtually inside the handset’s software.

The fingerprint sensor is now moved to the back of the device adjacent to the camera.

The elegant DeX dock enables the S8 to turn into a mini desktop PC. The Snapdragon 835 is installed finally in Galaxy S8 making it currently the faster smartphone. It is power efficient and justifies the strong battery. A fall of few feets such as 3-foot would do no damage to the screen.


Nokia 8 for sure is not even at the threshold of the style of fashion. In fact, the whole range of Nokia Android devices are not the funky type sets one look for. They are simple and straightforward. There are no bezel-less or curved displays, or the edge-to-edge screens. The only ground it has is in terms of pricing!

The official launch of Nokia 8 is on 16th August. The phone is expected to be shipped with a Snapdragon 835 system on Chip, an internal storage of 64 GB with microSD expansion, and dual camera system. It is an appealing package and can be completed with the high-spec devices. Nokia 8 is said to work on Android 7.0 with a nonremovable battery and power of 3999mAh. The most important feature, the Camera, will be packed with a 24-megapixel primary camera and a front camera of 12-megapixel for stunning selfies!


Not so long ago, HTC was among the prominent phones. The one which could be a fitting replacement for Apple with its chopping designs. But then the boom and bust fate befell HTC. Even though the company kept on churning out phones, they remained overshadowed by the other phone manufacturers and lived in oblivion.

Seems like now it is back with a bang!

The profound color and the smooth glassy look catches the eyes. Different angles cast different colors. Keeping traditional bezel trend alive, HTC has enlarged the size for a bigger screen. Apart from that, the phone is water-resistant and has a fast fingerprint scanner. The neither too thin nor too thick HTC phone has a glass that is slick, making it risky to use it in one hand. One of the thing that holds it back is its brightness. Also, the phone fiends would whine about the LCD tech that stands nowhere near the OLED screens. Nevertheless, the screen is not bad enough to justify the $650 phone.


LG G6 is in an advantageous position to give Galaxy S8 a chase for its money. It was launched in February 2017. The touchscreen display is 5.70-inch with a resolution of 1440 pixels by 2880 pixels. Galaxy S8 was the only one boasting of IP68 rating until now, but all others are in for a steamy war. Both iPhone 8 and LG G6 have an IP68 rating now, making it robust and water proof.

For the reckless users, there is sad news. The screen is plastered with Gorilla Glass 3, and during the drop test, it cracked on the first try. The fingerprint reader of LG G6 is on the preferable side though, under the right camera lens. A range of photographs from various angles can be captured. The square camera app can crop up your pictures perfectly for Instagram.

The 821 chipset doesn’t make LG G6 any sluggish or slower than its competitors. But the battery life time is less than the rest. Samsung Galaxy S8 outlasted LG G6 in the test by 3 hours. It ran for 13 hours on airplane mode with continuous video play back. It has a comprehensible interface and would most certainly not disappoint the consumers.


Huawei is known to have already throttled Apple and Samsung in China. To have a similar effect, it has darted out its P10 and P10 Plus. Both the phones, the smaller and the premium one have 5.1-inch and 5.5-inch LCD, with 1920×1080 and 2560×1440 pixels. These flagship phones are redolent of Apple’s 2014 6S. It is convenient for those who have a liking for the iPhone design, but not the iOS.

The fingerprint scanner has been moved beneath the display, where it even serves the purpose of a physical home button. The smoothly curved corners, the thin bezels, make it look elegant and it comes in varying colors. The phone’s offer an 8MP camera front-camera, with a Leica-branded portrait mode. The portrait deploys a tracking system that acknowledges 190 points on the human face to catch the best possible shot.


Last but not the least, we will now scour out the specifications of the phone which although some look at it as an epitome of latest technology whereas, others view it with contempt.

The most awaited iPhone 8 or iPhone Pro, as some call it, will be packed with the most cutting edge specifications, claims Apple. The raging rumors, leaks, and expectations are the only source of confirmation of the weapons it will be armed with to take part in the battle. Nevertheless, whatever the iPhone 8 is bandied with, has helped draw out a sketch of the iconic phone upon which we can boast of its qualities in front of the rivals.

The news of the complete OLED screen which has thrown out the option of a home button from the display is rampant. iPhone 8 has a redesigned body cramped up between two sides of the curved glass. The aluminum body is sandwiched between the curved glass to facilitate the wireless charging.

The device is all prepared to set the tongues wagging.

The leak designs hold no signs of a fingerprint scanner which accounts to the speculation that the Touch ID would be infused in the display. The ARKit is a huge leap into the augmented reality. Augmented Reality has created quite a stir in the tech world. Apple has used it to revamp it’s traditionally set line of iPhones. The augmented technology is the feature that turns the virtual objects to reality.

iPhone 8’s speculated ‘Face ID’ feature can do more than unlocking the phone. Apple plans to employ the facial recognition for the Apple Authentication, because of which we can conclude that Touch ID might be abandoned. The 3D sensor will exploit the augmented reality capabilities. The Augmented reality has the potential to transform the digital world like no other. This useful application would become more mainstream than VR. The ‘smart Cam’ a new amenity will take the best shots. While you might be wishing to capture a scene, Apple, adroitly will capture the most appealing pictures on its own. The IP68 rating makes it waterproof. The iPhone 8 will be loaded with iOS 11 system. A super fast processor with A11 chips and a durable battery will be launching soon in September.

The most exciting news that would rock you off your feet in excitement is the latest announcement of the timely launch of iPhone 8. Either in their delirium or accidentally the news of Face ID unlocking functionality is confirmed. News of the bezel-less iPhone 8’s edge-to-edge screen is circulating like a wildfire.


In line with the above analysis of the iPhone 8 comparison, we can conclude a lot of alluring features that each smartphone has. But the things that make it possible for other phone manufacturers to be servile is that you can find all the features that these phones have individually packed up in one, iPhone 8. Although guarded with features, fear of iPhone 8 thrashing the sales of other phones is high. The only drawback and the edge others have over iPhone 8 is the price.

Embedding the IP68 rating chips is adopted by everyone since no one wants to lack behind just because of this petty issue.

Phone manufacturers such as Samsung and Lg are already struggling against the filed the law suits. Although the S8 and G6 have received the okay signal, it’s better to be cautious and aware of the past trends.

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