Can you imagine life today without all interesting gadgets? I sure can’t and I know that most people share the same experience. Today I want to show you one gadget that can change a foosers life. Well, not change but it is an extremely interesting gadget. Now, you are wondering why foosers? Because this gadget will turn your iPad into a foosball table.

Foosball table for your iPad

Experts from the company called the New Potato Technologies love to develop unusual gadgets and this one is, in my opinion, one of their best gadgets.They have developed a foosball stand for your iPad so your iPad can look and act like a real foosball table. Is it hard to imagine? Let me show you what it actually is.

The foosball table for iPad consists of:

  • 1 stand for iPad
  • 8 football rods
  • 4 legs

The iPad stand is extremely easy to assemble. You take the legs and fix them to the stand so it looks like a table. On the table, you can place your iPad and on long sides of your iPad, place the rods, 4 on each side. The rods should be able to spin if they aren’t you have to push them a little more. And that is about it. Like I said, the assembly is simple, approx assembly time is 5 minutes. There is one more feature you don’t have to put from the 1st second and that is the cable. You can put the cable on the stand and plug it into the iPad will charge while you are playing foosball. No more empty batteries in the middle of the match!

There is another detail every foosball table has to have – the scoring system. Yes, the iPad stand has those classic scoring beams you have to push when you score the goal and you can choose the red or the blue beams.

Classic Match Foosball

The name of the table is Classic match Foosball and the table used to be compatible only with iPad 1,2 and 3 but, they have developed another table (identical but with different dimensions) so now people with iPads 3, 4, Air and Air 2 can also play table soccer with this awesome stand. Since you are connecting another gadget to your iPad, it is natural that you can’t play foosball with every app on the table. You have to use the New Potato Technology app and that is a pretty good app if you ask me.

The app works perfectly on the stand and the rods are so sensitive that they register every move you make. Spin them a little bit, your players on the screen will spin and you will have a feeling like you are playing the real foosball table. Well, a lot smaller but the real foosball table.

The only thing I wouldn’t do on the stand is to play with 4 players. I assume it is extremely funny but can you imagine 4 people around that stand? It could be very crowded, so I am more of a 2 players match, but that is entirely up to you to decide.

Author bio: The author of this foosball gadget review is Mark. He is a huge foosball fan and he loves to write about foosball. That is why he made a blog about it called the Foosball Zone. He focuses mostly on reviews of foosball tables and parts of foosball tables. If you are interested in his work, check out his Sportcraft foosball table models review.

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