The Office365 team opened up their post this month by talking about teamwork “More than ever, effective teamwork is critical to your success. This month, we made the experience of working with others even better through the release of co-authoring in Excel, enhancements to Microsoft Teams, an updated Yammer app, and more.”

General Availability Excel Co-authoring – Now anyone can work together at the same time in Excel spreadsheets that are stored on SharePoint Online, OneDrive, or OneDrive for Business.

General Availability AutoSave Word, Excel and PowerPoint – AutoSave is available for all Office 365 subscribers. Any Word, Excel, and PowerPoint stored in OneDrive and SharePoint will be AutoSaved. Individual work or Co-authoring will save your latest changes automatically in the cloud.

Rich profiles in Outlook for Windows – Microsoft is rolling a newly redesigned experience to Outlook for Windows. By leveraging Microsoft Graph, they Microsoft can including relevant files, conversations, and group membership in the new design.

New Yammer App – The Yammer app for the iPad got a new design adding a better experience for universal search, automatic sign-in, and a better reporting. The new Yammer activity report helps administrators understand how your organizations Yammer activity.

Microsoft Office365 For Education Got Update

OneNote Class Notebook Gets Microsoft Teams—Students and teachers can now enjoy a full view of their OneNote Class Notebook right from within Teams helping to simplify classroom management.

Microsoft Teams Allows Teacher Share Instructional Material—Teachers can now add links to online reference materials for classroom instruction through Teams. The new feature allows students to access to the third-party resources.

Better Administrator Controls —IT administrators can now specify permissions for third-party apps in Teams. Scores from assignments can now be imported into a school’s Learning Management System, ensuring a single source of truth for student grades.