Roku, a company capitalizing on the cord cutting trend to the tune of a $100 million IPO, is today launching its own channel for users of Roku streaming players, sticks and TVs, which will connect customers to hundreds of movies and some TV shows they can stream for free. The channel itself will include content Roku has licensed directly from studios, as well as movies aggregated from other channel publishers on its platform.

Like its rivals – Apple TV, Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV – Roku offers an easy way to access all the top streaming services, as well as many of the niche players. However, unlike the other competitors, Roku hasn’t really used its platform as a way to push its own video marketplace or streaming service the way Apple does with iTunes, Google with Google Play Movies & TV, and Amazon does with Amazon Video and Prime Video.


I have used Roku for a long time I have one on every TV we own. Great to see them moving a head they have great product both hardware and software are great.

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